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“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

– Japanese proverb

Somewhere far away, on another Earth, devoid of humankind…

There once was an island country without a name, alone in the vast ocean, isolated by storms and deadly currents.

Its inhabitants knew nothing of any land or people outside of their own. To them, their island was simply “the world”.  Without humankind, they grew and changed, becoming something not quite human… and not quite animal.

Over eons, faint echoes of cultures and ideas unknowingly bled across reality from humankind’s Earth to theirs, taking root in their unconscious minds and shaping the growth of the island’s civilization.

There were eight of them, eight intelligent species that called themselves “sentients”. Eight species sharing a world that became too small for their differing ways of life.

It was a world of ancient gods, of long-remembered wars and the heroes that fought them.

It was a world of ancient magic and fledgling science, logic and emotion, faith and proof clashing against one another.

It was a world where enforcing order and stability meant exiling any people deemed too dangerous to coexist with the rest of sentientkind.

Unknown to the world, the very exiles they shunned and feared had a part in saving civilization itself. They should have quietly faded from history… but their story refused to be forgotten. They live on as legends, whispers in the wind.

These are those legends, the tales of the Outcasts of TASAKERU

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