BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 12 – Bonus Content

Week 12 – Bonus Content

Because I am a crazy person, last week I decided on a whim to do another full episode of Silent InvenTOYry for next month. I immediately set to work ordering and organizing props and essential stuff for said episode, a few of which arrived this morning. For those of you asking why I’d do this (aside from be being, as stated, a crazy person)… well, I’m making some substantial tech upgrades to benefit both SI and my YouTube streaming, so I figured I need another big episode to help pay for those. Besides, otherwise there wouldn’t be another full episode until late July, so this one can serve as a buffer until then. That’s also why I decided to go ahead and post the introduction to Tasakeru‘s Second Volume as my update for this month. It’s short, I know, and I apologize for that, but I hope my Patrons will still consider it substantial.

Speaking of Patrons, huge thanks to Rich, who became Patron #4 this past week! Every little bit helps, and your contribution will ensure that the content keeps coming.

I don’t really have that much else to add this week, other than this:

That’s right, APPLE FOOLS DAY is now less than two weeks away. This is your reminder that to participate in the chat on the night of the event, you must sign up for a FREE Picarto account. Due to potential legal issues, this stream will NOT be on YouTube, it will air ONLY on at the designated time.

But what is APPLE FOOLS DAY, you ask? Well, many details will be forthcoming along with a teaser trailer next week, but I’ll let slip a bit more: the event will be a live MSTing of sorts, a MSTing of something so baffling and bizarre that it should come as no surprise that everyone involved in making it, and I mean everyone, was out of their minds on heavy drugs… something so absurd that April 1st is really the only appropriate day to celebrate its incomparable insanity.

Keep watching…


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Second Volume: Night and Day – Introduction




Somewhere far away, on another Earth, devoid of humankind…

There was once an island country without a name, alone in the vast ocean, isolated by storms and deadly currents. Its inhabitants knew nothing of any land or people outside of their own, so to them, their island was simply “the world”.

In the place of humankind, the animals grew and changed, becoming like man… and yet not like man. Faint echoes of human cultures and ideas unknowingly bled across reality from our Earth to theirs, shaping the growth of the island’s civilization.

There were eight of them, eight intelligent species that called themselves “sentients”… eight species sharing a world that became too small for their differing ways of life.

It was a world of ancient gods, of long-remembered wars and the heroes that fought them. It was a world of magic and science, logic and emotion, faith and proof clashing against one another.

It was a world where the only way to enforce order and stability was to keep the many different cultures separate… and to exile any people deemed too dangerous to coexist with the rest of sentientkind.

Unknown to the world, the very exiles they shunned and feared had a part in saving civilization itself. They should have quietly faded from history… but their story refused to be forgotten. They live on as legends, whispers in the wind.

These are those legends, the tales of the Outcasts of TASAKERU



Zero was a ronin… The son of an old samurai family, raised by his father to continue the tradition. Upon coming of age at thirteen years old, Zero was enrolled in the Gakuen, the training school of the Samurai Daigundan. Tragedy struck when Zero and his squad of trainee footsoldiers were ambushed by Demon Fangs, members of a fanatical and murderous Death God cult. Nine of Zero’s squad were butchered, and all the rest were gravely injured… but Zero alone emerged without a scratch. Unable to bear the guilt, he stole the family sword and ran away. Branded a coward, a deserter, and a ronin, Zero was exiled to Tasakeru. Nine years after, his only remaining ties to his family were his sword and his beloved little sister, Naole…

    During Stalker the Soulsnatcher’s attack on Aedis Centralis, the most sacred ground of the mighty Silver Order, Naole was abducted by the mad brute, who intended to use her blood in a perverse ceremony. Zero pursued Stalker back to Tasakeru and fought him in a brutal duel, in which he eventually emerged the victor. However, even fatally wounded, Stalker would not divulge Naole’s location, or if she was even still alive. Disgusted, Zero made to leave him where he lay, condemning Stalker to a slow and agonizing death… but after a moment of consideration, he instead beheaded the wolf with his sword. Victorious but empty, Zero began his search for his sister anew, slowly losing hope of ever seeing her again…


    Faun was a thief… A former street urchin who once stole only to survive, and then stole for pleasure once she discovered her natural talent for it. Possessed of great beauty, quick wits, and a silver tongue, Faun presented herself as a wild, fun-loving thrill-seeker… but her flippant and freewheeling nature hid a deeper inner pain…

Faun was willing to betray and steal from Hanami, her closest friend, for a chance at unimaginable riches; the consequences of her greed led to the rise of a mysterious magical stone tower in Tasakeru, its exterior overgrown with black roses. Though she feigned indifference, the experience hurt her more than she could recognize. Mere weeks later, an encounter with the brute who would become Stalker shook Faun to her core and caused her mask to slip further… When the monster returned to Tasakeru and attempted to assault Hanami in her own home, Faun was driven to a berserk rage and went after Stalker by herself. The Soulsnatcher’s attack awakened feelings within her that she could neither explain nor articulate…


Rowan was a scholar, with the body of a warrior and the soul of a poet. Born of the only species with an ironclad code that forbid wielding weapons or causing harm to other sentients, Rowan chose to break both laws, and was exiled as a result… but many suspected that he did not walk this path without regrets. Within his mighty breast beat a heart in conflict, for how would he reconcile the ideal of his people’s pacifism with the need to protect them from danger…?


Naole was an acolyte… An apprentice Healer for the Silver Order, and Zero’s younger sister. Fierce and proud, Naole was determined to make a life for herself and find independence, despite the difficulties presented by her chronic anemia. Her thin blood was a cause of great concern to Zero, who often ran afoul of the law to look after her, but Naole refused to be pitied…

After being abducted by Stalker and taken to the Black Rose Tower, she awakened in time to see the first phase of his demented plan: using blood samples stolen from every sentient species, Stalker intended to create an army, a new breed of monsters like himself that would avenge the death of his “Mother”. Contrary to his expectations, the ritual produced a single mute hybrid, intelligent and sentient but lacking any predatory instinct or knowledge of the outside world. Together with this hybrid, dubbed “Legion”, she escaped into Tasakeru’s uncharted wilderness. There they would have likely died, had it not been for an encounter with a seer named Aria, who claimed the two would be of great importance to her future…


Drake was a recluse… a resident of Tasakeru for longer than anyone could remember. All that he desired was to be left alone with his regrets, but an old shadow rose within him on the night that he met the brute who would become Stalker, the Soulsnatcher. His attempt to make amends for his mistakes led to a fleeting glimpse of a time long past. Some old memories, once unearthed, refuse to stay buried…


Hanami was a mage… A quiet, timid soul, her background and even her last name were a mystery when she stumbled upon the Outcasts of Tasakeru after leaving behind everything she had ever known. Hanami carried the Mage Flower, an enchanted blossom able to instantly grow almost any type of plant life. Magic was strictly forbidden by her kind, which was presumably the reason for her exile, but Hanami withdrew from any discussion of her past. In fact, she only revealed her abilities to the other Outcasts in order to save her life and theirs…

Once free to use her powers as she wished, Hanami proved to be an exceptional talent, and an essential means of survival for all who lived in Tasakeru. And yet, the events that culminated in the Soulsnatcher’s attempted assault planted seeds of doubt within her, and made her mistrustful of her powers… and of herself…


And none of the Outcasts had any inkling that the great cycle would soon begin, and bring with it still greater changes…


Night and Day, the second volume of Tasakeru, now begins.




BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 11 – Now What?

Week 11 – Now What?

That question up there is rhetorical, of course. Even with so many major projects finished, I still have more than enough to do to keep me occupied. Still, after so much activity over the past few weeks, I have this persistent feeling of irrational guilt, like I should be doing more. At every opportunity, I’m telling this feeling to kindly f**k off, but it’s a sneaky bastard, prone to popping up when I least expect it.

I decided, somewhat on a whim, to write a new introduction to Tasakeru’s 2nd Volume. It’s always been the plan to split the series up into eight Volumes of three-book story arcs, so I feel that the start of the 2nd is a good place for a brief recap. I haven’t started on Book IV proper yet, but ideas are swirling around as to how best to approach the rewrite. It needs to have the proper gravitas, you know.

The newest thing on my project list is my LP of Doki Doki Literature Club, which will be streaming every Sunday at 7 EST (except the Sunday of April 1st, for Apple Fools Day, natch.) Those of you who tuned in may have had a mild shock, as I was actually appearing and speaking on camera for it. Part of this is practice for the Apple Fools Day stream, in which I’ll be doing the same thing. To be brutally honest, I’m not too fond of my speaking voice, especially when it’s being recorded… but I’m working on it. You can catch the first part of the stream below. Please pardon my bonehead mistake… for the first ten minutes or so I didn’t realize my mic was turned off.

So, I hear that the Star Vs fandom is apparently involved in shipping drama instead of focusing on events of the humongous wham episode that just aired on Saturday. Sigh. I wish I could say I was surprised… but fandom is fandom, and who gets shipped with who is, as ever, SRS BUSNESS. I’ll just be over here, making my snarky little jokes and trying to stay out of trouble.


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BHS Belated Blogress Report: 2018, Week 10 – The Week of Productivity

Week 10 – The Week of Productivity

Yes, I’m aware of the irony of that title, considering that this Blogress Report is a day late.

But yeah, somehow I got a ton of stuff done this past week, so maybe a late Blogress Report isn’t such a big deal. Soulsnatcher is finally finished, for one thing! That’s three books down, and twenty-one to go. There’s a new Shattered Skies chapter out too, with some big developments. I also set a new record completion time for Silent InvenTOYry, with 90% of Semi-Short Episode 3 filmed, edited, and posted within 10 hours. The link is below, natch.

And this weekend I also finished my playthrough of Sailor Moon: Another Story 2, which means that now it’s time to choose the next game in my streaming queue. Again, details below:

Now that my schedule is more or less clear for the month (the Tasakeru Book II Appendix and Viluy’s Database aside), I’m going to relish the rare opportunity to relax a bit. Make no mistake, I’ll still be producing content, including my streams, the Precure Library project, and my newly-launched weekly Star Vs. the Forces of Evil commentary on Tumblr, but I’m planning on easing back on the throttle. Perhaps now that there aren’t so many big projects on my plate at once, I can take some time to enjoy the little ones. Sounds like a plan, eh?


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Chapter 9

Phantoms of the past

Awakening in the chill

Beginning and end


“It has been over four hundred years since the tales of the Outcasts began to spread throughout the world. Whether they existed or not, or how much—if at all—they influenced the momentous events of those times four centuries past… those are beside the point. Though they would be long since departed from the mortal coil, the Outcasts live on.

“We who compile and study their tales have heard all the classic stories over and over again, told in a thousand different ways: the battle in the underground spider cavern, during which Hanami revealed her powers as a mage to save her new friends. Faun Muranaka’s discovery of Seker, the Last Titan, and his raising of the Black Rose Tower… and the massive explosion at that same tower roughly a month later, which they say was visible from all across the world. The rampage of the Soulsnatcher. The notorious “Infernal Sheep Incident”. The night of the Shroud. The journey to the north to seek out the yuki-majin. Their struggles against the Silver Order, the Demon Fangs, the Shadowhand, Epsilon, and countless other foes and challenges both mundane and supernatural… we know them all. It is, after all, our calling.

“With as many stories as there are, and the surprising degree of consistency in their telling, it is possible to establish a rudimentary timeline of the Outcasts’ history, starting with Hanami’s arrival in Tasakeru, commonly dated mid-autumn of Year 1349. If one were to consult this theoretical timeline, one might wonder: when exactly did the Outcasts cease to be a band of inconsequential exiles and begin to be an undeniable influence on the world at large?

“Some would argue that they made their first definitive mark on history with the explosion at the tower. Others would claim it was the tower’s raising, itself a momentous event. Still others put the true beginning much further back, on that terrible grey dawn when Hanami first discovered that she was far from an ordinary squirrel doe.

“As for myself, I would place the tipping point squarely on the famous duel in the rain between Reimaru “Zero” Takaishi and the Soulsnatcher, long considered one of the most popular pieces of Outcast lore. Moreso than the raising of the tower or its explosion, and moreso than the day that changed Hanami’s life, that duel had lasting consequences that no one, least of all the Outcasts, could have foreseen. Its outcome arguably set the stage for everything that was yet to come.

“I sometimes wonder: had Takaishi known what was at stake on that rainy morning so long ago, would he have chosen to act differently? Would that choice even have mattered, in the end…?”

[An excerpt from The Outcasts in Fact and Folklore, by Hill Jakes]


Two pairs of eyes watched the pattering of rain on leaves from their makeshift shelter beneath the heavy boughs. One pair, hazel and cautious, belonged to a squirrel doe who was now reconsidering the escape plan that had seemed so brilliant hours ago. The forest of Tasakeru was immense; even her brother had never come close to exploring all of it after living here nine years.

The second pair, almond-shaped and colored bright yellow, belonged to a sentient the likes of which the world had never seen. He watched the droplets pelt the leaves with rapt fascination, delighting in the rhythmic sound they made when they fell. Every few minutes, while his companion mulled next to him, he tried to reproduce that sound with motions of his lips: pop, pop, pop. He was improving as he practiced, but it was not yet accurate enough for him.

Naole barely heard him; she was too focused on the sinking realization that she had made a terrible mistake. Sure, Naole, she thought bitterly. Run out into the rain in an uncharted forest five times the size of Unify with a newborn hybrid to look after. No food, no water, no supplies, no shelter, and a bloodthirsty monster running around that wants revenge on our whole family! Blessed Lady Terra, what have I gotten us into…? Guilt stewed and churned deep in her belly. If she were in this situation by herself, perhaps it would not matter so much. But Legion was here with her, and she was his sole guide to a world he did not understand yet. How to explain to the poor thing that they were lost, with very little hope of ever being found?

A fresh wave of unease crested over her as she recalled phrases from Zero’s many scrolls to her over the years: all of us are hungry… running out of food… not enough to eat out here, you know how it is… It was only in the last two months, after the flower mage Hanami’s arrival, that those kinds of phrases stopped appearing. With her help, Tasakeru was more livable, but still a strange, ancient, inhospitable place. Without her help, it was practically a hostile entity of its own, never mind what things might be living in it. Oh Gods, she thought as the lead weight that seemed caught in her stomach plunged lower. What does Legion eat? Wolves have to eat meat, and he’s part wolf… is there enough game out here for him to live on? If there is, will I have to teach him to— Now she felt a queasy green swirl of nausea. Squirrels only ate meat when they had to, and  it was almost always leaner meat, mostly poultry and fish. Even if there were wild fowl or pigboars out here, the thought of having to show Legion how to properly slaughter and prepare one for cooking…

“Legion,” she said aloud, trying to banish the hideous mental image of her new hybrid friend tearing into a fresh corpse, blood caking his snout. “Legion, I’m sorry. I think I might have made a—”

Legion wore a look of intense concentration and deadly seriousness, his brows furrowed and his long ears turned back at an angle. With great care, he pursed his lips together, then blew and made a circle with them: Pop! Pop! Pop!

Forget starving to death; Naole suspected she was in far more danger of dying of arrest from laughter. She laughed until her eyes were all but gummed shut from tears, until encroaching lightheadedness and shortness of breath told her that she had best stop or she would faint. “You…” she gasped. “Y-you need to s-stop making me laugh b-before I… Legion?”

The hybrid’s long ears stood straight as flagpoles. His fur bristled all down his spine. The tight, nervous light in his eyes drained the last of her merriment away. He did not know the gesture yet, but Naole half-expected him to put a warning finger to his lips and shush her.


BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 9 – Theory Confirmed: Onion is White Diamond!

Week 9 – Theory Confirmed: Onion is White Diamond!

I heard this from Zach Callison himself, with a room full of other Steven Universe fans to back me up. THEREFORE, IT MUST BE TRUE. (Note to the SU fandom: this is a joke.)

So yeah, I had a wonderful time at #Mysticon. I met a ton of people, attended something like a dozen different panels (including a live reading of The Eye of Argon, a story which somehow sank beneath the expectations of almost everyone in the room), and got to meet the amazing, kind, and talented Mr. Callison and thank him for his part in bringing Steven to life. Of particular note: Shelby Rabara, the voice of Peridot, is “not real, she’s a four-dimensional being too dope for this world”. That’s a direct quote. Also, there was an absolutely adorable unplanned moment at Mr. Callison’s panel when a young fan, probably no more than four years old, rushed the stage to give him a hug. The boy’s mother came running out of the audience after him, apologizing: “I’m so sorry! He just realized you were Steven Universe!”

My pictures and video from the con are linked below. I am deeply thankful that I thought to bring my good camera, because at the karaoke bar, I was able to film the most incredible live rendition of “Johnny B. Goode” I have ever heard in my life. I never got the guy’s name aside from “Brandon”, but he absolutely deserved all the frenzied screaming you hear in the clip. Also, shout-outs to the kid who went out to dance in the giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus costume, and did a damn good job of it.
– 1/3 – 2/3 – 3/3

Full disclosure: I also took a turn at the mic, but the Weird Al song I chose was not the one I should have chosen. Consider yourselves thankful that I’m destroying all evidence of that footage. XP

In not-Mysticon news, I actually did manage to write some stuff both before and after the con, so I may have updates for both Tasakeru and Shattered Skies by the end of the week. I’ve got a big thing planned for the latter, but you may have to wait a little while for that to pay off. What you won’t have to wait for is the next Silent InvenTOYry… my item is on its way, and I already have a special bit shot and prepared for it. If I work hard like I did with Figuarts Scarlet’s episode, I could have it up as quickly as the day after I get the figure in the mail. Keep watching.

Personal accomplishment: I’ve successfully introduced VDrake to one of my favorite anime of the past ten years, Bodacious Space Pirates. The reasons why I decided to revisit the show may become clear in the near future, but what’s important is how absurdly happy the series makes me. Just about everything in it, the characters, the humor, the ship designs, the surprising focus on realism, the portrayal of the mundanities of a culture where space travel is common… it all just speaks to me on a deep and and intense level. And then there’s the music… oh, that music. The opening theme still ranks on my list of the greatest OPs ever written. It has everything: amazing harmonies, the perfect use of church bells and a choir, grandiose, passionate, romantic lyrics, and some effing epic guitar work from ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman. And when paired with the animation… oh, the shot of the Bentenmaru breaking the clouds towards the end still gives me goosebumps years later. This show is special and needs way more love.

On another anime-related note, I think I’ve officially fallen for Hugtto Precure. I mean, I had good feelings about this one from when Hana/Cure Yell first cameoed in A La Mode‘s finale, but now… well, just look at some of Hana’s moments of incredible dorkitude in the most recent episode.

PRECIOUS TINY ANGRY BAE. And lest I forget, this episode also had amazing depth for our soon-to-be-Cure Etoile, and a fight scene that rivaled those of the mighty Go! Princess. I think we’re in good hands, people.

PS: Please remember to call your senators tomorrow for Net Neutrality. We need just one more vote. To connect easily to policy makers, go here:


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BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Just like it says, I’m going to a con this week, my first in two years and my first Mysticon in three. I’ve been planning this for a while; the guests of honor this year are Buffy’s Clare Kramer and Steven Universe’s Zach Callison, so it was pretty much decided that I would go from the moment I saw their names. XD Expect a full report next week… and if any of you happen to be there, look for the skinny guy with the black-rimmed glasses and the sick goatee. Call me over and say hi, and I’ll be happy to talk your ear off.

Not much else is going on that’s worth writing about, honestly. A pretty decent WonFes happened in Japan, with a half-dozen or so figures that I’ve put on my wishlist, though none of them really blew my mind. I got on a roll with the next chapter of Shattered Skies, in response to the feedback I got about Chapter 32’s ending. I’m pushing to get as many projects finished as I can finished before the con, but I kinda doubt anything major will get done until afterward. My Precure Library project on YouTube is off and running, and I’ve got a month’s worth of videos for it made and queued up already.

VDrake has once again proven that he and I are on the same wavelength, as he introduced me to Re:Creators, an anime that he assured me I would love… as usual, he was right on the money. I’m still very early in the series, but the concept was an instant hit with me: fictional characters invade reality in search of the writers and artists that created their worlds. He’s actually waiting on me to finish this entry so we can watch more together, so I’ll cut it short for now. More next week!


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BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 7 – Thank God for the Precure Fandom

Week 7 – Thank God for the Precure Fandom

Seriously. That Cure Yell video I posted last week singlehandedly pushed me over the 1000 subscribers mark and saved my channel’s monetization. It’s at 140,000 hits and still climbing, which is insane to think about. As I’m perfectly willing to ride a good thing as long as it lasts, though, I’ve decided to start The Precure Library, a playlist that will collect the first transformations and attack sequences of every Precure that has them. It’ll take a long time, because of course there are a lot of Cures, but I figure since Toei can’t really object because I’m not monetizing any of these… I might as well, right? I’ve got the next five videos already made and ready to upload, so doing this won’t be too much of a distraction, I hope.

So yeah, 1000 subscribers! My special commemorative video is below:

This is also my official announcement for Apple Fools Day, my special reward live stream happening on April 1st, 2018  at approximately 7 PM EST, only on , so mark your calendars and sign up for a free account so you can join the chat if you want. This stream is open to all my followers from all sites, and I can pretty much promise it’ll be unforgettable. There’s a movie, you see, a movie I love dearly despite it being a trainwreck in so many ways that it almost defies the imagination, and I want to share it with you all. Consider it a MSTing of sorts. For those of you wondering, I can’t stream it on YouTube because the rights are still owned by a major studio, but I’ve already done a test run on Picarto that worked fine. Anyway, more details on this as we get closer to the date.

I largely took a break from writing over the past few weeks to focus on my YouTube channel and hitting the deadline, but now that I’m in the clear, my next step is to finally finish Soulsnatcher. Being able to actually devote my full focus to it should help immensely with getting it out.

Also, because I apparently don’t have enough projects to occupy my time, when the 3rd season of Star Vs. the Forces of Evil starts up again in March, I plan to start doing a blind commentary on Tumblr, as I do with Steven Universe. I adore Star Vs., and I know it’s got a huge fan following, so I think that’ll be well worth my time. Hopefully it’ll be entertaining, too.

That’s all for now. Next week I should have news from WonFes. Fingers crossed for BNHA Figmas…!

Oh, and happy first birthday to Silent InvenTOYry. You’ve come a long way in a year, baby.


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BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 6 – Necessary Retcons

Week 6 – Necessary Retcons

You know, it occurs to me that in the two-plus years I’ve been doing Blogress Reports, I’ve barely written about Tasakeru at all. Which is weird, because Tasakeru is supposed to be my magnum opus, my passion project. I know at least part of the reason I don’t write about it is because I want to avoid spoiling the story for my readers, but still.

Well, this week I’ll be discussing it at least a little, because I have an important retcon that I’ve made as of last week. Normally I believe retcons should be applied as organically as possible, so that the audience doesn’t even notice them, but I think it’s important to call attention to this one.

Those of you who read Tasakeru (WHICH SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU, DAMMIT) know Lady Nadeshiko Argenteus by now. She’s the prickly, stoic, and ungodly stubborn Field Commander and Vice-Mistress of the Silver Order, and next in line for its leadership. Nadeshiko has had a wild journey as far as her character development goes; brutal honesty, I originally created her as a bit character for one scene in a “bad future” AU roleplay that I was hashing out with VDrake. She was supposed to be in that scene and then quietly disappear from the story… except she didn’t. I ended up bringing her back, and she patently refused to stay as a bit character. Something about her fascinated me, so I wrote a much younger Nadeshiko into the first draft of Eternity Awakes. She became a prominent supporting character and got a few chapters largely to herself in Books III through VI, and by the time I hit the wall with the first draft of Warriors, I was setting her up to play an even bigger role. As of the relaunch, she debuted in Book I, and she’s now the most important character aside from the primary antagonists and the Outcasts themselves. So basically, most of the history of Nadeshiko’s development has consisted of ignoring or downright rebelling against what I, the author, intended for her.

Now, during the process of rewriting Book II, while discussing my future plans for Nadeshiko, I was once again blindsided by a plot development that I never saw coming. What follows is technically SPOILERS, so skip the next paragraph if you’d prefer to be surprised.

So, over the course of the story, Nadeshiko is going to start a romantic relationship with a mate. A female mate. Said relationship won’t start for a while yet, but it is happening. And to that end, because this is intended to be a story for young adults and sexuality is a part of the story (handled tastefully, I hope), Nadeshiko is now seventeen years old at the start of the story, a few months shy of eighteen. Now, I stress that I had no idea I would be writing a relationship for her when I started the relaunch, so I wrote her as a fourteen-year-old just like I did in the last draft. Over the past few months, as I’ve planned out details, I realized that there was no way I could justify having one of my foremost LGBT+ characters be fourteen without some seriously unfortunate implications, given the extent of what I have planned. Yes, the age of legal adulthood in the world of Tasakeru is thirteen, and yes, it’s supposed to be a different culture, but there are some things you just can’t do. I want Nadeshiko and her mate’s relationship to be progressive and provide some much-needed diversity in the fantasy/YA genre. The last thing I want is for my efforts to be overshadowed by questionable decisions on my part. So, it’s not a major change, in the grand scheme of things, but I hope you’ll understand why it has to be made.


So. I managed to finish the new Silent InvenTOYry episode in record time, finishing roughly 80% of the episode in a 48-hour span. I was really happy with how it turned out… which of course meant that YouTube flagged it after a couple days. Their “remove audio” function completely borked the first upload, so I had to delete it and put up this new version today:

This of course meant that I lost all the upvotes and views from the first one, so I’d appreciate it if you guys could help me get them back.

My effort to boost the subscription numbers on my channel seems to finally be working. I hit on the bright idea yesterday of uploading Cure Yell’s transformation and attack footage from the first episode of Hugtto! Precure while it was still hot, and the result was 3000+ hits and a whole bunch of new subs in a day! I’m getting closer and closer to hitting my goal, so I think I’ll do the same for Cure Ange next week, just for the extra boost. After all, the item for my next Precure review won’t be here until after the Feb 20th deadline.

Now then. If I do break 1000, I’ve got something very special planned. As I said in the teaser video I uploaded on Thursday, if I hit the magic number I’ll be hosting a special reward live stream for my followers at a date in the near future. I still have work to do on the technical side of things, but I’ve got a site to stream on that WON’T autoflag me (I hope) and I’ve figured out how to get the media to run on it. More on this in the next few weeks.

And finally, there’s Hugtto itself! Based on the first episode, I’m pretty well sold. I’ll have a more detailed write-up when it’s not so late and once the whole team is assembled, but in brief: Hana/Yell is a precious dork, Hugtan isn’t at all the annoyance I feared she would be, Harry is shaping up to be one of my favorite mascots, the villains are actually threatening, and HOLY CRAP THE COMBAT IS BACK. As far as first episodes go, this one was a definite winner.

So. I hope you’ve all enjoyed both the look into my thought process and the new episode. More stuff coming soon.


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BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 5 – Adventures in Self-Promotion

Week 5 – Adventures in Self-Promotion

I really, really wanted to have my second Silent InvenTOYry Semi-Short episode done tonight, but it’s not happening. To be fair to myself, I did get all the footage and pictures I need (*knocks on wood*) shot between my item’s delivery at 11 AM this morning and now, so. I’m fairly confident that the episode will go up tomorrow if I put in a full day’s work. The rush is so I can have my review posted as close as possible to the item’s release date, and thus get more views and hopefully more subscribers while the subject is still hot.

Why yes, I do still need more subs, how astute of you to notice. Most of my online activity for the past week has been spent on efforts to hit the looming February 20th deadline; I’ve been trying to increase engagement by uploading gaming streams almost every day. Because of that, my writing progress has suffered quite a lot… bleh. I now have even more respect for people who manage to put up videos on a weekly or daily basis.

I may have to break my four-month streak of Tasakeru updates this month… I’ll do my best to finish Soulsnatcher by Wednesday, but unless I pull off another last-minute save, it’s not looking promising. I owe you guys a Shattered Skies update too, of course, but InvenTOYry is taking priority until it’s finished.

Kira Kira Precure A La Mode has come to an end. After thinking about the events of the finale and the series as a whole, my final verdict puts the show in the upper-middle end of the scale in terms of my favorites. I adore the characters, especially Himari/Cure Custard and Bibury (or however her name is romanized). Both Aoi/Gelato and Yukari/Macaron won me over by having really strong spotlight episodes, and of course I love that with Yukari and Akira we’re closer than ever to an actual, confirmed, canon lesbian relationship in this franchise. However, the almost total lack of hand-to-hand combat really, really hurt this show. Much as I detest Mahou Tsukai, its fight scenes at least had a modicum of punching and kicking from what I saw. Thankfully, it appears that Toei actually listened to the complaints of the fanbase, because Cure Yell’s cameo in the final episode had her clobbering the monster into submission… and the fandom rejoiced. I’m already hearing from multiple but as of yet unconfirmed sources that the fighting is back in Hugtto, and that alone makes me giddy for the premiere next week.

Oh yeah, and I started watching Dragon Ball Kai last week. I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of the Dragon Ball franchise; it’s always been on my “get around to it later” list because in its original anime form it takes so damned long to get through it. Kai’s cutting of the original DBZ‘s nigh-endless padding and filler has done wonders for my enjoyment of the show, and I’m studying the fight scenes very carefully for future Shattered Skies chapters.

Too tired to write anything else.


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