Music Page Update: Autumn Afternoon

I’ve uploaded a new song to the Music page called “Autumn Afternoon”. It’s a gentle, mellow guitar theme for Zero and Hanami’s relationship.



Music Update: Zero’s Theme

“The Samurai Who Feared Death – Zero’s Theme” has been added to the Music page!



Music Update: Hanami’s Theme

“Flower Girl – Hanami’s Waltz” has been added to the Music page. This is the first of the Tasakeru character themes I’ve been working on. Please enjoy, and be sure to leave feedback!



Something else for Madoka’s birthday: the most gorgeous cover of “Connect” I’ve ever heard. It’s a fully orchestral version by TAM, whom you may have seen or heard on YouTube… I actually think I like this better than the official one. It’s always been a good song, but TAM just makes it soar.

Song: “Connect (Finale)”

Album: Mado☆Magi Finale (まど☆マギ フィナーレ), by TAMusic

Orignal Vocals by ClariS


Anime Soundtracks

I’ve successfully gotten my boss (who is 58 and about to be a grandma) hooked on anime soundtracks over the last year or so. I started with Kajiura’s stupendously amazing Madoka soundtrack, of course, and I’m slowly educating her in the classics and my all-time favorites. She’s already heard selections from Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and Cowboy Beebop, hopefully Gurren Lagann today, and I’ll be introducing her to some of Joe Hisaishi’s stuff from the Miyazaki movies in the near future. Any other must-listen recommendations?

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