BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Weeks 45 and 46 – Room for RWBY

Weeks 45 and 46: Room for RWBY
I admit it, I’ve been really slipping with my Blogress Reports lately. I honestly haven’t felt like doing much, what with winter beginning in earnest. Most of my work on Skies has been doing research for the next chapter. There’s a couple subjects that are going to be in there which not a lot of my readers are familiar with, I’m sure, but I try to always at least make an effort to be as accurate as I can and show my work.
I’m pretty sure of what I want to do in the next chapter, but I’m having the damndest time actually, you know, doing it. I’ve just been tremendously unfocused. Part of my problem is TVTropes, I’m sure, because I keep getting sucked down that rabbit hole for hours. In fact, it’s happened at least three times while I’ve tried to write this entry. If I can just resist the temptation to browse on there for a day or two, maybe I can actually get some stuff done.
Ninty has me watching RWBY now, and while the first two volumes of the series are really rough, now that we’ve finished the third, I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it. I won’t say exactly what did it, just in case anyone here is thinking of watching, but not too many shows can pull of the kind of spectacular stakes-raising that RWBY does. If the subsequent volumes can keep up this kind of pace and energy, then it’s found itself a new fan.

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