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he sounds like an irritated tumblr blogger like he’s not even trying to make it sound nice he’s just like r u srs house republicans get ur fucking shit together

I thought this was shopped, but it’s legit. (x)

It’s legit, but don’t go. All the crap below it is going to make your head explode with how much nonsense is there. Like, guys, the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCara) is a LAW. It was signed into law 3 YEARS ago, and cleared by the Supreme Court as constitutional, so there was no “compromising” to be done.

Republicans are literally bitching about something that was done by the book, cleared on every level, and because they couldn’t have their way, are fucking over thousands and thousands of government employees (because hey, they’re getting paid anyway except one woman who has asked that her pay be withheld). Specifically to throw blame on the president, as if he’s the one who decided on a government shutdown. No, that was strictly House Republicans, by refusing to vote on a budget in favor of this hissy fit.

For people who profess to love the Constitution, the founding fathers, and all they stand for, they show absolutely no respect for the processes set up by that very document and those very people.

this is the perfect time to say this:

What a time to be alive.



To catch you up on current events, the House Republicans are currently lying on the floor, holding their breath, and turning blue, in a last ditch effort to get someone to make the Affordable Care Act (A/K/A Obamacare) go away. What terrifies them is not the idea that the program will fail, but that, in fact, it will succeed. And the thought of working people, children, and the poor having health coverage makes them panicky for some reason.

To that end, the Tea Party noise machine has done everything it can to spread misinformation about the law, prevent it from being implemented, and block the government from providing basic information about how the Affordable Care Act works. This is a familiar tactic from other recent political battles: frantically cut the legs out from under the law at the legislative level, then scream that it obviously doesn’t work, and try to have it eliminated.

Here are the facts the hissy-fit crew don’t want you to know:

If you have insurance, you keep it. Nothing changes.

If you apply for insurance, and you have a preexisting condition, most insurers can no longer deny you coverage.

If you can’t afford insurance, the government will help you pay.

Your insurance coverage, whatever it is – whether it is supplied by your employer, or you go and get it yourself in the new health insurance marketplaces – will help pay for everything from preventative care, to doctor’s visits, to prescriptions. Because working people shouldn’t be one accident or illness away from bankruptcy. This is a simple matter of decency and social fairness. I am confused why anyone thinks otherwise.

Some people worry if they don’t get insurance, they will go to jail. This is a falsehood. However, in 2014, if you do not have health insurance, you have to get some, or pay a fee. And you say: but why do I need health insurance?? I’m not sick and I don’t need medical care! But if you get hit by a drunk driver, you will need care. Or if you slip on the ice. Or if you’re diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Everyone is in the health care market… ill health is an inevitable part of the human existence.

Don’t worry signing up will be hard! Help finding a plan is available.

The ACA means your insurer cannot drop you just because you get sick. It also means insurers cannot set arbitrary limits on how much they will spend on your care each year. Need more care? Get more money.

The ACA protects your choice of doctors, and makes sure your children can stay on your health plan until they’re 26. It guarantees your right to appeal if your insurer tries to dick you out of your fair coverage.

Guess what else? The money you’re spending on insurance? The insurance companies now face an 80/20 requirement, meaning that they have to spend 80% of what they make on health care, not on marketing, or administration, or other happy-crappy. Now they have to do less selling, more doing.

There’s a lot more to learn, if you want – all the facts are right here – but there is no reason to be afraid of the law. The goal is to protect families from the worst: the debilitating illness that wipes them out financially and closes the door to opportunity.

For creative people, the ACA is probably the best thing to happen in decades. I can’t tell you how many comic book creators are one sickness from having everything swept away. The creative class has been one of the great engines of the American economy, and in that way, the Republican attack on the Affordable Care Act is an attack on what America does best: invent and create.

Again: all the information you need, including how to sign up, is right here. Take a few minutes and get some facts for yourself. You won’t need more than a few minutes – this is simple, not hard, and a positive, not a negative.

By all means, reblog this post. It’s important for people to get good information. You can help by passing along the essential facts.




Hello, everyone—
The Affordable Care Act. Health Reform. Obamacare. Whatever you’d like to call it, it’s going mean something very tangible for millions more Americans in just four days.
Starting October 1 — that’s next Tuesday — Americans who need or want health…

rebaggle reboggle because this is important.

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