BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 9 – Theory Confirmed: Onion is White Diamond!

Week 9 – Theory Confirmed: Onion is White Diamond!

I heard this from Zach Callison himself, with a room full of other Steven Universe fans to back me up. THEREFORE, IT MUST BE TRUE. (Note to the SU fandom: this is a joke.)

So yeah, I had a wonderful time at #Mysticon. I met a ton of people, attended something like a dozen different panels (including a live reading of The Eye of Argon, a story which somehow sank beneath the expectations of almost everyone in the room), and got to meet the amazing, kind, and talented Mr. Callison and thank him for his part in bringing Steven to life. Of particular note: Shelby Rabara, the voice of Peridot, is “not real, she’s a four-dimensional being too dope for this world”. That’s a direct quote. Also, there was an absolutely adorable unplanned moment at Mr. Callison’s panel when a young fan, probably no more than four years old, rushed the stage to give him a hug. The boy’s mother came running out of the audience after him, apologizing: “I’m so sorry! He just realized you were Steven Universe!”

My pictures and video from the con are linked below. I am deeply thankful that I thought to bring my good camera, because at the karaoke bar, I was able to film the most incredible live rendition of “Johnny B. Goode” I have ever heard in my life. I never got the guy’s name aside from “Brandon”, but he absolutely deserved all the frenzied screaming you hear in the clip. Also, shout-outs to the kid who went out to dance in the giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus costume, and did a damn good job of it.
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Full disclosure: I also took a turn at the mic, but the Weird Al song I chose was not the one I should have chosen. Consider yourselves thankful that I’m destroying all evidence of that footage. XP

In not-Mysticon news, I actually did manage to write some stuff both before and after the con, so I may have updates for both Tasakeru and Shattered Skies by the end of the week. I’ve got a big thing planned for the latter, but you may have to wait a little while for that to pay off. What you won’t have to wait for is the next Silent InvenTOYry… my item is on its way, and I already have a special bit shot and prepared for it. If I work hard like I did with Figuarts Scarlet’s episode, I could have it up as quickly as the day after I get the figure in the mail. Keep watching.

Personal accomplishment: I’ve successfully introduced VDrake to one of my favorite anime of the past ten years, Bodacious Space Pirates. The reasons why I decided to revisit the show may become clear in the near future, but what’s important is how absurdly happy the series makes me. Just about everything in it, the characters, the humor, the ship designs, the surprising focus on realism, the portrayal of the mundanities of a culture where space travel is common… it all just speaks to me on a deep and and intense level. And then there’s the music… oh, that music. The opening theme still ranks on my list of the greatest OPs ever written. It has everything: amazing harmonies, the perfect use of church bells and a choir, grandiose, passionate, romantic lyrics, and some effing epic guitar work from ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman. And when paired with the animation… oh, the shot of the Bentenmaru breaking the clouds towards the end still gives me goosebumps years later. This show is special and needs way more love.

On another anime-related note, I think I’ve officially fallen for Hugtto Precure. I mean, I had good feelings about this one from when Hana/Cure Yell first cameoed in A La Mode‘s finale, but now… well, just look at some of Hana’s moments of incredible dorkitude in the most recent episode.

PRECIOUS TINY ANGRY BAE. And lest I forget, this episode also had amazing depth for our soon-to-be-Cure Etoile, and a fight scene that rivaled those of the mighty Go! Princess. I think we’re in good hands, people.

PS: Please remember to call your senators tomorrow for Net Neutrality. We need just one more vote. To connect easily to policy makers, go here:


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BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Just like it says, I’m going to a con this week, my first in two years and my first Mysticon in three. I’ve been planning this for a while; the guests of honor this year are Buffy’s Clare Kramer and Steven Universe’s Zach Callison, so it was pretty much decided that I would go from the moment I saw their names. XD Expect a full report next week… and if any of you happen to be there, look for the skinny guy with the black-rimmed glasses and the sick goatee. Call me over and say hi, and I’ll be happy to talk your ear off.

Not much else is going on that’s worth writing about, honestly. A pretty decent WonFes happened in Japan, with a half-dozen or so figures that I’ve put on my wishlist, though none of them really blew my mind. I got on a roll with the next chapter of Shattered Skies, in response to the feedback I got about Chapter 32’s ending. I’m pushing to get as many projects finished as I can finished before the con, but I kinda doubt anything major will get done until afterward. My Precure Library project on YouTube is off and running, and I’ve got a month’s worth of videos for it made and queued up already.

VDrake has once again proven that he and I are on the same wavelength, as he introduced me to Re:Creators, an anime that he assured me I would love… as usual, he was right on the money. I’m still very early in the series, but the concept was an instant hit with me: fictional characters invade reality in search of the writers and artists that created their worlds. He’s actually waiting on me to finish this entry so we can watch more together, so I’ll cut it short for now. More next week!


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