BHS Blogress Report: 2020, Weeks 17 and 18 – DA is My Home

Weeks 17 and 18 – DA is My Home

Whoo boy. People do not like DeviantArt Eclipse, and they especially don’t like that they’ll be forced to use it come the 20th. To be fair, these people have every right to be upset… Eclipse is ugly, it’s counterintuitive to use, it’s missing features, and apparently it’s full of bugs, too. There’s at least one protest movement going on right now to try to convince DA’s higher-ups to change their minds about retiring the old system, and I’ve seen more than a few of the artists that I watch swearing that they’re moving to other sites.

While I certainly don’t like Eclipse, and I don’t fault everybody who wants to protest or leave, it’s certainly not the first bad redesign in the site’s history. Nor will it be the last, I’m sure. For better or worse, I think I’m staying. DA has its flaws, and the shortcomings of Eclipse are among them, but my page has been my little corner of the Internet for sixteen years now. Hell, my entire life here in Roanoke, the vast majority of my adulthood, has been recorded on there.

Even apart from how long I’ve been using it, I feel like I belong on DA. I’ve tried Facebook and I’ve tried Twitter and I’ve tried Pillowfort, and all of them have their good points but none of them are for me. None of them feel as comfortable as DA has. The only other place online where I’ve ever truly felt like a part of the community is Tumblr… and of course, we know how that ended up. DA is home to no end of weirdos, misfits, outcasts, and rejects… and for someone who’s never felt particularly comfortable fitting in with the “normal” people, it’s been a haven. I found many enduring friends through it, including my best friend.

So yeah, by all means, keep doing your protests. DA has problems that need to be addressed, and I truly hope they will be… but Eclipse isn’t a dealbreaker for me yet. Let’s just see how it goes.


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