From the Author

Tasakeru would not exist without the help and support of the people listed here. They have my deepest gratitude for everything they’ve done.

– For LDJ: Thank you for keeping my head up for all those years.

– For CDK, who believed in me. Moonbeam lives on in my heart.

– For Neyuki, whose multiple talents put mine to shame. Love you forever.

– For Mom, Dad, and the rest of my family, who have confidence in me even when I don’t.

– For my many teachers, especially each and every English, Language Arts, and Writing teacher who saw true talent in me when I couldn’t see it myself.

– In memory of Doug Marlette, whom I am honored and humbled to have called my friend. The world is less funny without you, Doug. I miss you.

– For every friend who has helped me stay afloat in stormy weather.

– For Roddenberry, Ebert, Coville, Jacques, Duane, Colfer, Gaiman, Takeuchi, Anno, Miyazaki, Tezuka, and the countless writers, directors, and artists who have inspired me over the years. They may never read these words, but if I hadn’t lived in their wonderful universes, mine wouldn’t be here.

– For everyone who has taken the time to comment, ask questions, or simply read what I’ve written. Thanks.

– And last but certainly not least, for Seth, my co-pilot, my brother in spirit, and my confidant, for everything.

Ownership and Usage-

Tasakeru, and all characters, text, and related elements therein belong solely to BHS and BHS Productions. Users of and visitors to, its sub-pages, and the contents of same may not be changed, reproduced, or modified without the author’s express permission.

This site is and will remain free for public use; all I ask is that my readers show their support by providing constructive feedback and sharing the link with others. In short: if you like it, say so!

Donations, of course, are happily accepted:

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