BHS Blogress Report – 2017, Week 33: At Last, A Break

Week 33 – At Last, A Break

No more braindead chickens, needlessly hostile cats, or suicidal goldfish to take care of for the time being. For the next six days at least, my calendar is blessedly free of petsitting, thank god. Why yes, my job last week was one of the more difficult ones, how could you tell?

Anyway. Since that took up 80% of my time, I didn’t have the energy to get much done save for Shattered Skies Chapter 28. I was inspired to crank the rest of this one out thanks in part to ErinPtah and her new fan art based on Sailor Chibi-Moon’s part of the Insecurity System sequence in Chapter 26, which you can see below:

Thanks again, Erin! You’re the best!

Since I now actually have some time to myself, starting tomorrow I’m going to get back to work on Soulsnatcher Chapter 5 and Silent InvenTOYry Episode 5. Both of those are waaay overdue, I know, but as the Summer of Nigh-Endless Work is finally drawing to a close, I think (read: hope) that I’ll be a bit more productive from now on.


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Belated BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 30 – We’re So Screwed

Week 30 – We’re So Screwed

Sorry for the belated update. It’s been a rough couple days, and judging by today’s news it’s not gonna stop there. Let me take this opportunity to give a colossal FUCK YOU to the Republicans who just voted to kill me and tens of millions of other Americans, with an extra-special SERIOUSLY, FUCK YOU to self-proclaimed “maverick” John McCain.

I’m in a bad, bad mood right now, and I don’t have much else on my mind other than more profanity, so that’s it for this week. Sorry.


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