BHS Blogress Report: 2020, July – What’s There to Say?

July 2020 – What’s There to Say?

So yeah, I fell behind on my Blogress Reports. I fell behind by a lot. But to be brutally honest, part of the reason for that is that nothing of note has been happening to me in the past month… at least, nothing of note that I felt like discussing publicly. I’m still stuck at home due to quarantine. I haven’t gotten any writing done since finishing my last chapter of Skies. The only ongoing anime I’m keeping up with is Precure, and even on that I’m several weeks behind. Recent events in the real world are too depressing to think about, let alone write about. So there’s not much left, really.

I did watch all of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, which was a fantastic source of laughs and good cheer at a time when both of those are desperately needed. Somehow it combined two of my least favorite anime genres (harem and isekai) into something irresistibly charming, consistently hilarious, and surprisingly touching.

I got a new camera to replace my aging Olympus SH-2, so there’s that. Once I get an issue with my lighting equipment resolved on Sunday, I’m going to try taking some test shots with it. Maybe that will be what I need to kick my brain back into gear.


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