BHS Blogress Report: 2020, Week 26 – Healin’ Good Again

Week 26 – Healin’ Good Again

We Precure fans are having, one might say, a bomb-ass week.

Several weeks ago, official word came out that Healin’ Good would come back from its COVID-induced hiatus this weekend. Reason enough to celebrate, after ten weeks off the air… but then a few days ago, the unbelievable, nay, impossible was announced.

Precure. Simulcasting and streaming legally, subbed and unedited, on a major English-language platform, for the first time ever. To say that the fandom went nuts is an understatement.

So shout-out to all the devoted fans who have been screaming at Crunchyroll for years to pick up the license, because you finally did it. I of course am 1000% in favor of this development, and not only have I re-upped my CR subscription in preparation, but I’m planning on rewatching the whole series on there once the episodes are up, just so Toei can see those viewing metrics… I encourage anyone else reading this to do the same if you can. Anything to ensure that this experiment is a success and isn’t a one-off thing. Just the possibility of being able to watch Heartcatch, Go! Princess, or Hugtto again through legal means gives me shivers.

Yeah, I’m in a happy place this week. And I’m gonna try to capitalize on that to get a head start on Chapter 49 of Shattered Skies… I did have to cut the rest of the fight in 48 due to length, after all. Wish me luck.


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