BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 48 – Out of the Game

Week 48 – Out of the Game

Last week, the light bar that I use for streaming decided to die on me, so since it gets dark stupid early and my facecam picture looks like crap without it, I decided to take the week off. In hindsight, it’s sort of unlikely that I would have been able to stream effectively anyway, as the next morning I was hit hard by the symptoms of what turned out to be an upper respiratory infection. I was pretty much miserable for the remainder of the week, with a sore throat, a congested nose and chest, and a hacking cough. I’m on meds now, though, so I’m slowly getting better. Streaming will resume once I don’t feel like crap and once I have my new light source.

Speaking of streaming, there’s going to be a considerable upgrade in the near future. Not only am I getting a new PC to replace my aging tower, but it looks like if all goes well, I’ll finally, finally have an actual wired connection. Knock on wood, the days of random lag, disconnections, and framerate drops are almost behind me.

Not much else going on, on account of being sick and all. I’ll try to write more once my head’s clear.


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