BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 47 – The One Who Knocks

Week 47 – The One Who Knocks

Forgive me if this is a short entry. Most of the last two days were spent working, and I’m pretty much exhausted.

As of today, Ninty and I are all caught up with Steven Universe. Auspicious timing, then, that a new teaser for Future dropped this afternoon. There’s confirmation that Jasper will be returning as an antagonist, some tantalizing hints of Aquamarine apparently returning as a fusion (!!!), and an emphasis on Pink Pearl… intriguing stuff. Still no release date yet, but it’s something to look forward to. Next up in our watch queue is Gravity Falls, which will be lots of fun.

While on my job, I decided to finally sit down and watch Breaking Bad on Netflix, and I’m in the early part of Season 2. I can already see why it’s one of the most acclaimed dramas of the decade, the acting is phenomenal. It’s making a genre I don’t normally watch (crime drama) and a subject I could hardly know less about (the manufacture and trade of illegal drugs, specifically crystal meth) into something fascinating and compelling. I really like how from the outset, literally from minute one, there’s no attempt at all to justify or glamorize what Walter’s doing. Cooking meth is never portrayed as anything other than a terrible, dangerous idea that can and does ruin Walter’s life and the lives of all those involved. There’s never any doubt that the story is going to be a tragedy about a basically good man doing awful things with the best of intentions (at least at first). I’ll try to offer more insights as I go along… I know I’m very late getting on board with it, but I hope what I have to say is interesting regardless.


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