BHS Belated Blogress Report: 2019, Week 29 – Summer 2019 Anime

Week 29 – Summer 2019 Anime
Not much else is happening this week, so here’s some recommendations for this season’s new anime.
Granbelm – Part fantasy, part mecha show, part magical girl, part battle royale… and unless I’ve completely misread the subtext, part yuri. (CALM DOWN, NEKO!) Ordinary teenager Mangetsu Kohinata accidentally discovers a hidden world where girls fight each other in mystical robots called ARMANOX, all for the chance to become the world’s strongest mage and control the gigantic castle Granbelm, which seals away all the world’s magic. It’s got stylish action sequences and some pretty kickass art design… I adore how the girls control their mecha with what look like puppet strings. It looks as if this may be able to help me get my magical girl fix while I’m waiting for the Magia Record anime.
Astra Lost in Space (Kanata no Astra) – In the year 2063, space travel is easy and accessible enough to become commonplace. A class of high-schoolers plus one grade school student are to take a five-day camping trip to the distant planet McPa… but no sooner do they arrive than a mysterious spherical distortion teleports them into the vacuum of space, thousands of light years from home. Their only means of survival is an old and deserted but functional space ship that orbits an unfamiliar planet. With no other way home and no rescue forthcoming, the kids must all work together, repair the ship, forage for fuel and supplies, and set out on a journey back to Earth. Now, I don’t talk about it often, but I love sci-fi that’s at least partially grounded in reality. I saw Astra compared to Bodacious Space Pirates, another favorite of mine, and that was all I needed to pick it up. Astra has the best story hook of any anime I’ve yet seen this year, and the gorgeous visuals and colorful cast don’t hurt it either. I can’t wait to see how this one develops.
O Maidens in Your Savage Season (Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo) – SEX. Simultaneously the most interesting and most terrifying thing in a teenager’s life. For the girls of a certain high school literature club, sex is many different things: one is flustered over her complicated feelings for a longtime childhood friend, one dismisses the teenage fixation on sex as debauchery and swears to not have anything to do with it, one goes into adult chatrooms for “research”, and one bluntly states her intention to experience “full penetration” at least once before she dies. We get a lot of sex comedy anime, but this is not your usual sex comedy: it’s a frank and hilariously honest look at a group of teenage girls trying to figure out the mysteries of sexuality. And I do mean “hilariously honest”… no punches are pulled here, and there’s none of the usual coy dancing around the subject. It’s refreshing, honestly. Maidens has earned its spot on my watch list with the funniest pilot episode I’ve seen since Kaguya-sama: Love is War earlier this year, particularly with its gloriously awkward final setpiece. If you aren’t squeamish about the subject matter, absolutely check this one out.
Symphogear XV – Naturally. It’s the fifth (and final?) season of the Gurren Lagann of magical girl shows, and that’s not a comparison I make lightly. As before, Hibiki Tachibana and her fellow Wielders battle supernatural threats with suits of high-tech armor powered by song… specifically, kickass rock in a variety of genres. If you haven’t seen the previous seasons of Symphogear, this is not the place to start; fortunately, Crunchyroll now has seasons 1 – 4 subbed in their entirety. For those of you who have seen it, you know what to expect: great music, tons of explosions, ridiculous story escalation, and jaw-dropping, over-the-top fight scenes. Every season of Symphogear ups the ante on the last one, and after the crazy shit that went down in AXZ last season… frankly, I can’t wait to see how wild they go with this one.
That’s about it so far. I’m hearing good things about Fire Force, so I may check that one out, but these four are the ones on my must-watch list for now.
I’m gonna try to work on Shattered Skies and Silent InvenTOYry for the rest of the week. Hopefully I’ll make some progress.

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