BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 27 – Terrifying Realization

Week 27 – Terrifying Realization

After the high of last week’s events came a devastating low. I didn’t honestly expect that Tasakeru would sell gangbusters out of the gate, but… I thought at least it would do better than it has. Everybody keeps telling me not to worry, that sales will pick up as more people find it. Sorry, but telling me “Don’t worry!” has never, ever worked. My stupid brain makes me worry over what socks I should wear, and this is a slightly bigger problem.
After stewing over it for most of the last three days, one of the only options I’ve come up with is one that frightens me to no end: I think need to get more active on social media. I hate Twitter and Facebook as much as any other well-informed guy should, and coupled with my severe social anxiety, stepping further into that abyss makes my stomach churn. However, infinitely worse is the prospect of having Tasakeru go nowhere because I’m too obscure to be noticed. There’s only so often I can flood my accounts with “BUY MY BOOK” into the void before people stop listening, so I need to change it up. The lifestyle I have is not sustainable, so I gotta find some way to make my internet time pay off. I just hope I’m not too old and out-of-touch to learn the ropes.
Anyway. Because I know I’ll be asked about it: yes, I saw the Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie announcement yesterday, and yes, I’m stoked for it. More Sailor Moon is always a good thing. I just hope that Toei will do what it did with the Digimon Tri movies and simulcast these to streaming services… I don’t want to have to wait an extra six months for the BluRays.
Symphogear XV premieres this Saturday, and my body is ready. Thank god Crunchyroll did the decent thing and licensed both it and AXZ at the last minute. Magical Girl Gurren Lagann gives me life. Given what happened last season, I expect the return of Shinshoujin/Shenshoujing/whatever and Hibiki punching God in the face with a fist the size of Canada, but as long as we get the over-the-top fight scenes that the series is lauded for, I’ll be happy. I may have a silly Symphogear video to go up the day of the premiere, but it depends on if I can get a couple tricky visual effects to work.
Also on the docket for this week is preparing for the next Silent InvenTOYry Semi Short, which should come out at the end of the month, and will be covering a certain someone who’s very, very special to me. Shattered Skies Chapter 45 will be worked on if I can spare the energy. Wish me luck.
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