BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 10 – Symphogear is Great and Chris Needs a Figma

Week 10 – Symphogear is Great and Chris Needs a Figma
Since I’ve just started a third complete runthrough of the Symphogear series in less than four months, I think it’s safe to call me a fanboy now. If you read those words and thought “Uh oh”, please be assured that that’s a perfectly logical reaction. No, I will not be adding Hibiki and company into Shattered Skies, for a number of reasons, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist a couple nods to it in future chapters. The series really is that good, and I’m actually angry at the person who described it to me as “idol singers with side-jobs as magical girls” a couple years ago, because that’s a grossly inaccurate description and it turned me right the hell off of something I really should have discovered sooner.
See, idol singer shows are really iffy to me. I won’t elaborate, but the Japanese idol industry is so sleazy that I just can’t watch stuff like Love Live, etc., without getting a bad taste in my mouth. That’s what I thought Symphogear was: Love Live with a few token magical girl elements. What I was not expecting was a glorious, hot-blooded, ridiculously badass action show where those doing the action just happen to sing while they fight. Seriously, after the low-budget first season, the fight scenes become jaw-dropping spectacles that rival or even exceed the ones in the Nanoha series. Nanoha is actually the closest thing I can compare it to in terms of its tone and what it’s intended audience is. The whole show seems to be designed for the express purpose of making you grab your friends and go “Holy crap, did you see that?!”
And of course, one of the primary reasons I love it so much is Chris Yukine. I’m a sucker for tsundere types, that much is known… but Chris just brings so many wonderful things to the table in addition to being a fantastic example of a tsundere: her personality, which stands out among the other cast members for being semi-permanently in a state of “1000% done with this shit”, but which is a gruff and cynical mask for the marshmallow dork underneath. Her fight songs, which are all rock and heavy metal with the some of the most ludicrous over-the-top edgelord lyrics of any anime song ever… while still being damn great songs, sung by a voice actress with an opera-grade range. Her propensity to just up and smack people who need a good smacking, particularly with her candy red Mary Janes. And then there’s the big guns… no, not those guns. CALM DOWN, NEKO. Perhaps not since Leena Toros and her custom Gun Sniper have I been so giddy seeing a character forsake all subtlety and just mow down goddamn everything with an arsenal befitting an entire army division. In that regard, it helps that one of her damn great fight songs, “Bye-Bye Lullaby”, is probably the most appropriate music track I’ve ever heard to express concept of MORE DAKKA. Maybe there’s slightly more stable characters with whom I could live vicariously, but honestly, Chris is just objectively the best and everyone I’ve introduced to the show agrees.
So it’s with great frustration that I found out that there’s only two Figmas from Symphogear, and neither of them are Chris Yukine. What the hell, GSC?! I guess Figmas based on the upcoming fifth season aren’t completely outside the realm of possibility, but with a franchise successful enough to get four seasons, each more profitable than the last, why wouldn’t someone bother completing the main trio, at the very least? Maybe it’s because all of Good Smile’s factories are committed to shitting out thirty Fate, KanColle, and Miku Hatsune figures every quarter… ugh. This hobby is a real drag sometimes.
But anyway. That’s really all I have to say this week. Go read the new Shattered Skies chapter, then watch Symphogear.

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