BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 9 – How to Kill Your Motivation

Week 9 – How to Kill Your Motivation

On Friday, I felt it was about time to update the portion of the Silent InvenTOYry intro where I pan across my shelves to show my collection. Since my newest review item came in that morning, and it’s a big one, I had to do that anyway to clear off some space for it.
I won’t disturb you with the horrific details, but it was during the process of rearranging and posing my Figuarts on the bottom shelf that I managed to severely damage three of them within the space of about 90 minutes. Two of which were expensive limited editions, of course. Now, GSC has a thing with Figmas where if you buy one and a part breaks within a month or so, they’ll replace it free of charge. Bandai has no such policy for Figuarts, so the only way I could fix the problem short of buying entirely new figures was a DIY repair job. I spent a substantial amount of money on a miniature power drill, a length of brass wire, superglue, sticky tack, and a sprue of generic replacement joints, and once all of those arrive, I’m going to attempt to fix the damage. Here I must give enormous thanks to Storyteller222, for generously donating money for the tools and materials. For what it’s worth, bro, you saved me from a major panic attack, and that was a bigger deal than I can adequately describe.
But yeah. This run of rotten luck slaughtered any desire I had to get anything else done all weekend. For understandable reasons, I didn’t want to even touch another expensive figure for a while, and as for Tasakeru… well, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I’m now working on updates again, but please bear with me; I may miss my deadlines for the end of February. That’s part of the reason I’ve temporarily changed the format of my Patreon to auto-charge monthly… the disaster took a big chunk out of my finances and my work time at a time when I was already running behind. I hate how selfish this sounds of me, but the stress of trying to do Tasakeru and InvenTOYry plus the additional stress of the Figuarts disaster means I can’t give either of them my all at the moment. I don’t want to rush out something that I can’t be proud of.
Speaking of my Patreon, though, I did some tweaking to the reward tiers. $10 Patrons can now get a plug for your YouTube or Twitch channel or any pet project you may have during a future live stream, and $30 Patrons will have a one-time opportunity to name an incidental character in a future Tasakeru chapter. I hope these will provide better incentives to join up.
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