BHS Blogress Report: 2019, Week 1 – Believing in Bunny Senpai

Week 1 – Believing in Bunny Senpai
Yeah, I’m calling this “2019, Week 1” even though 2019 hasn’t technically started yet. I mean, it’s better than calling it Week 53 of 2018, right?
It’s been semi-quiet today, for once. Holidays are always busy seasons for those of us in the petsitting business, but today was the first day in over a week that I haven’t had to get up and run out. Bless. I’m thinking tomorrow will probably be pretty low-energy too, since I suspect I might have caught a cold, but if I manage to work on anything, it’s probably going to be Silent InvenTOYry Episode 09, due out as early in January as possible. I’ve also got a Semi-Short episode in line for the end of the month and another full episode on track for early March, so you’ll be getting lots of SI goodness in the first part of the new year.
Speaking of project updates: since I put three Shattered Skies chapters up over the course of the past month, including one big event that I’ve been planning for an absurd length of time, I’m putting the story on temporary hiatus, for at least a week or two. After the rush to get Chapter 42 up and finished in time, I’m quite ready for a break where I can work on other things, including the Tasakeru chapter that I neglected for December. Fear not, as this is only until I can make up for all the lost time lately.
Special thanks are due to Neko / rinsweeb, who convinced me to try out one of this season’s anime, a series that I likely wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. That series is now one of my contenders for Anime of the Year; it basically grabbed hold of my heart in episode 3 and refused to let go. That series is Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny-Girl Senpai, based on a series of light novels by Hajime Kamoshida, author of The Pet Girl of Sakuraso and Just Because. Rascal is a hard sell based on the premise of its opening story arc, I admit: a teenage high school student named Sakuta Azusagawa sees the beautiful, famous actress and upperclassman Mai Sakurajima walk by him in a Playboy bunny girl outfit in the middle of a crowded library, but no one else seems to even notice her. Thus begins a relationship that’s probably one of the realest and most honest that I’ve ever seen in an anime; this is a power couple and watching them is a joy. For that matter, for a show that revolves around supernatural happenings with complicated quantum physics explanations, all the characters and their problems feel amazingly grounded in ways that you just don’t see often. Even better, Rascal seems to be a refutation to Japan’s horribly backwards attitude toward mental illness and seeking therapy. Having anime characters confronting their traumas through anything close to realistic psychotherapy, professional or not, is mind-blowing in ways I can’t explain without a multi-paragraph treatise on the cultural context, but having endured similar traumas to some of Rascal’s cast, it means the world to me. And dammit, when it comes to characters being able and willing to shoulder any humiliation gladly for the sake of those they love… I’m a sucker for that, and Rascal delivers in spades. I really can’t recommend this series enough; it’s miles deeper than it appears to be on the surface, and it feels both wildly unique and comfortingly familiar. Thanks again, Neko, for insisting that I try it. I owe you one, or several.
Anyway, that’s about it for the 2018 Blogress Report. May the next year be better, more peaceful, and more productive for all of us.

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