BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 25 – Taking Care of Myself

Week 25 – Taking Care of Myself

I lost monetization on my YouTube channel yesterday morning. I still don’t know the exact cause, as the “Support” team refuses to elaborate beyond telling me it was revoked for “Duplication”, but I’m without revenue on the channel for at least a month. That, combined with the reemergence of a certain lunatic making accusations on my channel, plus the technical issues I had with Sunday night’s stream, sent me into a really scary downward spiral that I don’t want to describe here. I’m seeing my therapist on Thursday, and I’m hoping he will put me on more stable ground.
All streams and YouTube videos are on hold for at least a week. I’m probably going to take the week off my other pursuits as well to try to get my head together.
This morning, I took down the Precure Library archive project I’ve been working on since February, as that was probably what got my monetization yanked… and to be on the safe side, I took down everything else that got flagged. I hated to do this, but since the alternative was almost assuredly losing it for good, I decided that I’ve put way too much work into Silent InvenTOYry to have all the episodes lose their revenue. There’s a message on my channel about the removal, one part of which says that since the PL was drawing the vast majority of my traffic, I expected mass unsubscriptions to follow. To my surprise, I’ve received many kind messages from my viewers offering support and assuring me that they’ll stick around. Thank you, guys. I don’t think I deserve such kindness, but I’ll try to repay it in turn.
  • Tasakeru  Book IV: Twilight’s Dreaming, Chapter 2: 0.25 pages done
  • Tasakeru Patreon: 4 Patrons
  • YouTube Sub Count: 3,402 subscribers
  • Book II Appendix: 2 pages done
  • Shattered Skies, Chapter 37: 1.5 pages done
  • Shattered Skies: Viluy’s Database Chapter 3: 3 pages done
  • All YouTube projects and LPs on hiatus

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