BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 24 – Writing in Recursive

Week 24 – Writing in Recursive
Thank ArtIdiotGuy222 that you’re seeing this go up tonight. The Blogress Report completely slipped my mind until just now, don’t ask me why.
I warned people that Shattered Skies Chapters 35 and 36 were going to be big ones… now you see why. 36 in particular has gotten me more feedback than any other chapter of late. I’m kinda thrilled, because the events of said chapter have encouraged a lot of people to seek out more information on “the entity” and where it comes from. I chose not to use its name in-story to give it a sense of unspeakable horror and mystique, and it looks like that was the right call, but several people noticed the clues and managed to figure out exactly what it was. Since its source material is criminally overlooked and underappreciated, I consider myself to be doing a good service by pointing people in that direction. Fun fact: I’ve had portions of this chapter where the entity attacks written out almost two years in advance, because I’m crazy that way.
Guesses are also trickling in as to who exactly Fantine is. As with the entity, I don’t want to outright reveal her actual name, but there are more than enough clues already if you know where to look. I’ve promised several people that if no one’s guessed correctly by Chapter 42, I’m going to devote a special scene and/or a short chapter to dropping a big hint as to her origins.
In other Shattered Skies related news, there’s now a recursive fanfic in the works! VDrake’s The Changeling of the Guard has been honored with a few of these, and now it’s my turn. I’m limited as to what I can say at the moment, but the author and I are communicating closely in order to make this thing happen. It’s a neat little experiment, and I look forward to sharing it once it’s done.
So, Cardcaptor Sakura: The Clear Card Arc is now over. I haven’t seen the final episode for myself yet, but I’m hoping the finale is at least as satisfying as the last endpoint for the anime, that being the Sealed Card movie. As of now, my feelings on Clear Card are sort of mixed. I absolutely love seeing Sakura and co. again, of course, and the series has been wonderful to look at and listen to, but… well, assuming the explanation as to where the Clear Cards came from is accurate, it feels… sort of underwhelming, to be honest. Like it makes the whole arc less of an essential continuation of CCS and more of a postscript season. Don’t get me wrong, watching Clear Card every week has been one of the highlights of the year so far, but it hasn’t left the kind of indelible impression the first anime did. As I said, though, I still have yet to see the finale, so I’m hoping I’ve just made a snap judgment.
Anyway. The next project in the queue is Twilight’s Dreaming Chapter 2, which is overdue. That’s going to be my primary focus for the next week, or however long it takes to get done. I’ve also kicked off production of Episode 08 of Silent InvenTOYry, for an episode that I’ll have out in early August at the earliest. Thanks for your patience.
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