BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 22 – Pet Parade

Week 22 – Pet Parade
First of all, have your cute/funny animal video for the day:

This happened on my petsitting job this weekend. How it happened, I still have no idea, but getting this on camera was almost worth as much as my wages. Almost.
SO. Chapter 35 of Shattered Skies is up. I told you all it would be a doozy… and there’s more coming. As I said last week, 35 and 36 are essentially a two-parter, and there’s more huge plot developments yet to come. I got a significant head start on 36 already, so you all shouldn’t have to wait much longer for the conclusion. There was a minor issue with quite a few people misinterpreting what actually happened at the end of 35… but a quick rewrite of a couple lines fixed that, hence the “EDIT” in the title. That was entirely my fault; I made things too ambiguous, and I once again offer my apologies.
Anyway. Since I couldn’t stream this past Friday or Sunday night, I’m going to be doing some extra long streams this week to make up for it. I’m pondering giving up Fortnite because it’s just a bit too dependent on random chance for my tastes, so this coming Friday’s stream will probably start something new. It won’t be as alliterative as “Fortnite Fridays”, but eh.
Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s been a very long and busy weekend, and I need to pass out. Thank you.

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