BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 20 – Plumbing “The Depths”

Week 20: Plumbing “The Depths”

First off: new Silent InvenTOYry! A full-length episode! Go watch it! As many times as possible! It was expensive to make!

Anyway. The runner-up title for this week’s Report was “Spectacularly Poor Timing”. Immediately after I finished griping about a slow week, Steven Universe dropped two episodes that… well. Far be it from me to spoil them for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, but goddamn.

So. I decided to change the title in order to better plug The Depths, an up-and-coming anthro webcomic by LeiLani and ABD with coloring by Kino Jaggernov. I’ll just go ahead and drop the header here:

The Depths is already one of the best-looking webcomics I’ve ever seen, taking place in Tahiti and the surrounding oceans in 1938. It’s still in its first year-plus, so the plot is still developing, but the story revolves around a female otter named Leilani Perierre, and her burgeoning romance with the start of World War II in the background. Underwater scenes are difficult to do for even the best artists, but The Depths has them on nearly every page so far, and Kino Jaggernov’s colors and details are stunning. Seriously, it’s like looking at a Cousteau documentary. If you like furry comics of any stripe (heh, stripes), please visit The Depths and the other series on Dark Blue Comics, which you can find here. Caution: The Depths features mature and NSFW content, and is not intended for persons under 18 years of age. That said, said NSFW content is so far much more romantic than explicit, which is something rare in furry works, and I have to respect that. Props to LeiLani and company for class. I give The Depths a hearty recommendation, and ask that you consider supporting the series via Patreon or by voting for it on

Full disclosure: I’ve been in contact with LeiLani herself (the artist, not the otter!), and we’ve agreed to a sort of mutual plugging of our works. If all goes well, I’m hoping both The Depths and Tasakeru will get more readers. Fingers crossed.


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