BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 17 – That Twitchy Feeling

Week 17 – That Twitchy Feeling

Last week, I streamed the first part of “BHS Plays Tales of Symphonia” on my YouTube channel. It was a special, double-length episode to make up for canceling the DDLC playthrough. The day after the stream, the video was hit with two copyright flags by YouTube’s wonderful automated system, meaning that it can no longer be monetized. The first flag I could understand; it took issue with the J-Pop song in the game’s opening movie. The second flag, though, was the one that really drove me up the wall. The system chose to flag 33 seconds of random footage from the start of the game for “visual content”, for no reason I can comprehend. Apparently everything else was fine save for the opening movie, but it was my last straw. The content ID system is bad enough when it’s flagging things correctly, but making arbitrary restrictions based on random parts of 15-year-old games… well, it’s so stupid and unfair that I resolved then and there to do all future live streaming on Twitch. Therefore, will be the new home of “BHS Plays Tales of Symphonia” and other LPs. The archives for these streams will still go up on YouTube afterward, so don’t worry about missing anything. I’ve also decided to put my streams of Overwatch and Fortnite on a regular schedule so as to attract more viewers, so “Overwatch OverWednesday” will be every Wednesday night at 7 PM EST, and “Fortnite Friday” will be on Fridays at 7 PM EST. Sunday Streams will still be on Sundays at the same time.

Anyway. My big accomplishment last week was finally finishing Chapter 34 of Shattered Skies. As I’ve mentioned to several of you, I’ve had the scene with Homura’s light-speed pebble sniper shot in mind for over a month now. It went over so well that I’m almost disappointed that barely anyone has mentioned what happened to the other characters over the course of the chapter… I mean, yeah, I knew the pebble was golden, but guys… you’re overlooking some very important setups for future chapters, just so you know. XD Anyway, there’s two more chapters I have planned as denouement for the “rescue arc”, and then the next phase of the story can begin. It’s kind of a relief to be nearly done with this arc after a year and change, to be honest. Not that I didn’t have a blast writing and planning it all out, of course, but there’s so much more to come… including the Big Things happening in said next two chapters that will change the status quo going forward. :D

I may have to hold off on getting the next Silent InvenTOYry off the ground due to a shipping delay, so it looks like I may not get Episode 07 out this month after all. I may decide to shift gears for the remainder of the month and get out the first chapter of Twilight’s Dreaming instead. We’ll see what happens.


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