BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 14 – How’d Ya Like That Apple?

Week 14: How’d Ya Like That Apple?

I’m happy to report that Apple Fools Day was a rousing success. There were no technical hiccups with the stream or the recording software and everyone had a blast. For those of you who missed it, the full recording of the stream is up on and will remain there indefinitely, and once I find a viable hosting platform for it, the file will go up for free download. Please note: the video file on Picarto has about twenty minutes of a standby screen ahead of the actual beginning of the stream. (I was running a Weird Al playlist while I performed my final sound checks. When you hit “Dare to be Stupid”, that marks the point where you should stop fast-forwarding.)

So now that that event is behind me, I find myself back on my regular projects. Working on writing in the lead-up to the stream was a lost cause, due to nervous excitement. With some time to cool down, hopefully I can concentrate on stuff. I think the next step should probably be finishing Viluy’s Database Part II, as that’s been on hold for the longest (er, if you don’t count the Book II Appendix, of course. Bad BHS. Bad.) The new Silent InvenTOYry needs some more new equipment before I can start filming, so that can wait. Book IV of Tasakeru is tremendously important to the series as a whole and I’ll be making significant changes to it, so I think I may take my time to plan it out a bit more. That leaves Shattered Skies Chapter 34, which is another major event… that one also needs to be handled carefully as there are a ton of characters to juggle. Perhaps I should make an outline.

The upcoming anime season is absolutely packed with stuff I want to see, including the new seasons of Boku no Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, Cutey Honey Universe, the second cours of Cardcaptor Sakura: The Clear Card Arc, and Darling in the FRANXX, and of course more of Hugtto Precure. All that plus any other new surprises that may pop up. There’s two magical girl series airing this season, one a parody (Magical Girl Boy/Ore) and one a Madoka-clone (Magical Girl Site). Unless I hear enough good things to change my mind, I think I’ll be passing on both of those; of the two, Magical Girl Boy would probably be my preference, because Site looks to me like yet another series that apes Madoka’s darkness and ignores its heart. Sigh. At least the Hugtto Cures and Honey will be there so I can get my fix.


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