BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 11 – Now What?

Week 11 – Now What?

That question up there is rhetorical, of course. Even with so many major projects finished, I still have more than enough to do to keep me occupied. Still, after so much activity over the past few weeks, I have this persistent feeling of irrational guilt, like I should be doing more. At every opportunity, I’m telling this feeling to kindly f**k off, but it’s a sneaky bastard, prone to popping up when I least expect it.

I decided, somewhat on a whim, to write a new introduction to Tasakeru’s 2nd Volume. It’s always been the plan to split the series up into eight Volumes of three-book story arcs, so I feel that the start of the 2nd is a good place for a brief recap. I haven’t started on Book IV proper yet, but ideas are swirling around as to how best to approach the rewrite. It needs to have the proper gravitas, you know.

The newest thing on my project list is my LP of Doki Doki Literature Club, which will be streaming every Sunday at 7 EST (except the Sunday of April 1st, for Apple Fools Day, natch.) Those of you who tuned in may have had a mild shock, as I was actually appearing and speaking on camera for it. Part of this is practice for the Apple Fools Day stream, in which I’ll be doing the same thing. To be brutally honest, I’m not too fond of my speaking voice, especially when it’s being recorded… but I’m working on it. You can catch the first part of the stream below. Please pardon my bonehead mistake… for the first ten minutes or so I didn’t realize my mic was turned off.

So, I hear that the Star Vs fandom is apparently involved in shipping drama instead of focusing on events of the humongous wham episode that just aired on Saturday. Sigh. I wish I could say I was surprised… but fandom is fandom, and who gets shipped with who is, as ever, SRS BUSNESS. I’ll just be over here, making my snarky little jokes and trying to stay out of trouble.


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