BHS Belated Blogress Report: 2018, Week 10 – The Week of Productivity


Week 10 – The Week of Productivity

Yes, I’m aware of the irony of that title, considering that this Blogress Report is a day late.

But yeah, somehow I got a ton of stuff done this past week, so maybe a late Blogress Report isn’t such a big deal. Soulsnatcher is finally finished, for one thing! That’s three books down, and twenty-one to go. There’s a new Shattered Skies chapter out too, with some big developments. I also set a new record completion time for Silent InvenTOYry, with 90% of Semi-Short Episode 3 filmed, edited, and posted within 10 hours. The link is below, natch.

And this weekend I also finished my playthrough of Sailor Moon: Another Story 2, which means that now it’s time to choose the next game in my streaming queue. Again, details below:


Now that my schedule is more or less clear for the month (the Tasakeru Book II Appendix and Viluy’s Database aside), I’m going to relish the rare opportunity to relax a bit. Make no mistake, I’ll still be producing content, including my streams, the Precure Library project, and my newly-launched weekly Star Vs. the Forces of Evil commentary on Tumblr, but I’m planning on easing back on the throttle. Perhaps now that there aren’t so many big projects on my plate at once, I can take some time to enjoy the little ones. Sounds like a plan, eh?


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