BHS Blogress Report: 2018, Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Week 8 – Mysticon Bound

Just like it says, I’m going to a con this week, my first in two years and my first Mysticon in three. I’ve been planning this for a while; the guests of honor this year are Buffy’s Clare Kramer and Steven Universe’s Zach Callison, so it was pretty much decided that I would go from the moment I saw their names. XD Expect a full report next week… and if any of you happen to be there, look for the skinny guy with the black-rimmed glasses and the sick goatee. Call me over and say hi, and I’ll be happy to talk your ear off.

Not much else is going on that’s worth writing about, honestly. A pretty decent WonFes happened in Japan, with a half-dozen or so figures that I’ve put on my wishlist, though none of them really blew my mind. I got on a roll with the next chapter of Shattered Skies, in response to the feedback I got about Chapter 32’s ending. I’m pushing to get as many projects finished as I can finished before the con, but I kinda doubt anything major will get done until afterward. My Precure Library project on YouTube is off and running, and I’ve got a month’s worth of videos for it made and queued up already.

VDrake has once again proven that he and I are on the same wavelength, as he introduced me to Re:Creators, an anime that he assured me I would love… as usual, he was right on the money. I’m still very early in the series, but the concept was an instant hit with me: fictional characters invade reality in search of the writers and artists that created their worlds. He’s actually waiting on me to finish this entry so we can watch more together, so I’ll cut it short for now. More next week!


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