BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 42 – What the Hell is a “Hugtto”?

Week 42 – What the Hell is a “Hugtto”?

I hope you all enjoyed the insanity of Shattered Skies Chapter 30! It was a blast to write, obviously. Writing stuff that’s supposed to be funny is always risky because humor is so inherently subjective, but the consensus among my readers is that they got a kick out of it. I’m glad, because usually my pattern is to write something that amuses me, the author, first and foremost, and hope for the best when it comes to everybody else.

Now that I’ve got some leeway, I’m taking my time getting back to other stuff… including a one-shot that will be posted on AO3 for Halloween. I would post it on DA, but for reasons that will become quite clear, it wouldn’t exactly be welcome. ;p

News just broke this morning: the 2018-2019 Precure series is “Hugtto! Precure”, leading many to ask the eponymous question that titles this Blogress Report. The most plausible theory I’ve seen is that the title is an unholy Japanenglish portmanteau of “hug” and “gyutto”, i.e., “squeeze”. As titles go, it’s strange… it’s VERY strange. As for the theme and concept… well, the title tells us pretty much nothing other than that hugging is (presumably) somehow going to be involved, and that’s the only verified information we have on it right now. That’s not enough to make a judgment call on, so I’ll wait until character designs and/or plot details leak in the coming weeks. If it’s not another saccharine, generic cutefest like Mahou Tsukai, I’ll be happy with it.

(Comic by MissMellifluous, from this post on her Tumblr)

On the A La Mode side of things, promotional pictures released yesterday seem to indicate that at least the other three primary ALM Cures are definitely in the works. The promo shots indicated that the little papercraft/vinyl cake that comes with Figuarts Cure Whip will combine with four others to make a backdrop of the multi-layer cake from the Sweets Wonderful group finisher. That suggests that the other pieces will come with Custard, Gelato, Macaron, and Chocolat, which is fiendish incentive to buy them all. I was going to do that anyway, of course, but now I have even more reasons to shell out for them. Up until the Hugtto! news this morning broke, I was going to title this Blogress Report “Bandai? More like Bankruptdai!”, but maybe I’ll save that for a future entry.

SPECIAL SHAMELESS PLUG CORNER: Those of you who read the addendum attached to the end of Skies Chapter 30 will know that a certain character from my friend thesilvergoddess‘s epic fanfic Break My Heart, Break Your Heart made a special guest appearance. Thesilvergoddess also recently published a book of LGBTQIA+-themed poetry called Fragments, Recovered, and it would really help them out if you all would consider buying the digital version, which is currently on sale for $5.99. Buying their book helps them write more of the stuff they love, so please check it out if you’ve got a few bucks handy!


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