BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 40 – Give It Time to Grow

Week 40 – Give It Time to Grow

Finally! It’s long overdue, but Soulsnatcher Chapter 5 is finished! Along with finishing Silent InvenTOYry Episode 05 last week, that’s a huge load off my mind. And with no more renovation or huge petsitting jobs in the foreseeable future (knock on wood), I can finally relax a little.

But not too much, as you’ll see. I’m already working on Chapter 6, plus both the next regular chapter of Shattered Skies and the bonus chapter. I’d expect Chapter 29 to go up sometime in the next week, but you never know… The bonus chapter is almost finished, though, so that’ll almost definitely be up on October 14th.

So, as of last week, after many delays and much behind-the-scenes chaos, Star Trek: Discovery finally premiered on CBS for one night before moving to CBS All Access, its permanent(?) home. The pilot got something like 10 million people watching, and for broadcast TV in this day and age, that’s impressive as hell. You might think that would secure Discovery a guaranteed full-season run, but… well, nothing’s certain anymore. More worrying is that I’m seeing a lot of bitching, moaning, griping, and the usual fandom activities about how it’s “too much like the reboot movies”, or “the tech looks too advanced”, or “the Klingons look too different”, or “SPOCK NEVER HAD A HUMAN HALF-SISTER, WHAT THE HELL, CANON RUINED”, etc. etc. etc.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m used to fandoms doing this, especially fandoms as old and widespread as Star Trek. Fandoms complain, it’s in the nature of things. And I’ll also admit that based on the first two episodes, Discovery is not what I expected. Much darker, for one thing, and far more focused on a single character than on the ensemble. But I’m putting this out there for all my fellow Trekkies: please, be patient.

Yes, I know. It’s different, and change is hard to accept. We’ve all got our own ideas of “what Star Trek should be”. You have every right to think that Discovery isn’t what you wanted, or that it’s starting off weak, or that it’s messing with canon, or whatever the complaint du jour is. Please keep in mind, though: this is the first Star Trek series we’ve had on the air in twelve years. The future of the franchise as a TV show, at least for the next decade or so, is riding on this one. Now isn’t the time to nitpick and complain and declare that Trek is “RUINED FOREVER”, because we’re being watched very carefully for our reactions. If CBS has any reason to doubt the show, they’ll pull the plug and that’ll be it for ten-odd years, until somebody convinces the suits in charge to try again.

We’re so conditioned to want success right out of the gate that we’ve largely forgotten that even our much-beloved Next Generation took three seasons to really get off the ground. DS9 took four. People need to stick with Discovery even if its beginning is rough, because if given time to grow, it’ll be something spectacular. I have faith in Bryan Fuller’s plans, and though I’m sad he’s no longer involved with the show, the man has worked enough miracles that I’m confident he’s left his baby in good hands.

And dammit, if there’s one thing that we all need right now, it’s Star Trek. We have a glut of pessimism, cynicism, and nihilism in our culture right now… the two most popular scripted shows on TV are both drowning in it, the headlines are full of it, the internet is swarming with it. You can even argue there’s good reasons for that: right now, life sucks for a lot of people. But Star Trek, even bad Star Trek, offers the hope of something more, something better. It dares to show us a bright future for ourselves. When I was a little kid watching TNG with my dad, it taught me that even if the future seems scary, it’ll eventually be all right. Any idealism at all is sorely needed right now. We need Star Trek, so if Discovery isn’t what you want right now… please, just keep watching. Give it a chance to shine, and I know it will.


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