BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 39 – Sonic is Forgiven, Sega Isn’t

Week 39 – Sonic is Forgiven, Sega Isn’t

Thank god the renovations are almost over. I’ve had about as much as I can stand of my current schedule; the usual routine may be boring, but I’ll take boring over loud, messy, and chaotic any day. I was woken up at 9 AM this past Saturday by my folks moving furniture and vacuuming on the floor directly above my bed… and that’s on the low end of the annoyances I’ve had to deal with over the last two weeks. Once it’s all done and things are back to semi-normal, I’m going all in on getting Soulsnatcher Chapter 5 finished, no matter what.

So I did finally finish Silent InvenTOYry Episode 5 after five months of non-continuous work… the link is below, so please watch, share, and leave comments. The next full SI episode is going to be something far less elaborate, I can promise you that.

I also finished this project that I’ve had in mind for several months now: a “clean” version of “Kanata and Towa’s Melody”, the violin duet from Go! Princess Precure, without the background instrumentation. More details are in the video description, but what’s just as important is that I put the finished version of this remix up on Bandcamp for purchase. This is the first track I’ve uploaded there, hopefully more will follow soon.

So after hearing Pat from Super Best Friends Play call Sonic Mania “perfect”, I decided I had to give it a shot. I know I promised that I was out of Sonic forever, but hearing someone who hates what’s become of the franchise even more than I do sing Mania’s praises, especially after hearing many years of his angry rants about every time Sega’s tried to do a “retro-style” Sonic in the past… It convinced me to give Mania a chance.

I admit: I am impressed. After playing the game for about four hours, I can confidently say that Christian Whitehead and his team nailed it… and this is coming from someone who played through the Genesis games more times than was healthy. More than the Advance games, more than the Rush games, more than Generations, and a hell of a lot more than either episode of Sonic 4, Sonic Mania feels like a natural evolution of the classic series, like it came from some alternate universe where Sega/Sonic Team didn’t consistently fuck themselves over after 1994 or so.

I’m still not giving Sega one more dime of my money, I stress; the purchase was made with a late-birthday gift card. I continue to hate Sega for how they’ve treated their IPs, their fans, and their licensing partners, and that’s not going to change. But just this once, by some miracle, they did something inarguably right, right enough to bring a smile to even this bitter ex-fan’s face.

Pat also said that if Mania outsells Sonic Forces (a game which is looking more and more dire by the day), it’ll be the definitive slap in the face to Sega, and final proof that they’ve let Sonic Team become a mockery of itself. I have to agree… though I wonder what it’ll do to the brand if there’s another ’06-caliber disaster so soon after finally winning the series back some respect. Wouldn’t that be such a perfectly Sega scenario if that happened, though? Almost like karma.

Anyway. Whitehead, you’ve done a great service to a series that probably doesn’t deserve your talents, and I hope the higher-ups have enough sense to hire you back for a sequel. Job well done.


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