Belated BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 38 – Closed for Renovation


Week 38 – Closed for Renovation

Bleh, another late entry, sorry. Getting writing done while doing my housesitting job is proving harder than I thought. For whatever reason, my laptop screen has been giving me headaches when I look at it for more than an hour at a time, so what progress I’ve been able to make has been exclusively at nights and over the weekend when the workmen aren’t here. It seems like there’s always something getting in my way… The good news is, I’m now in the home stretch for Silent InvenTOYry Episode 5. I spent most of last Saturday shooting the last few scenes I need, and I think there’s only one or two more left now. With any luck, I’ll be done by this weekend, but until then, here’s a teaser shot for you guys, with my apologies for the long delay:

Whatever happens, I’m going to try to get Chapter 5 of Soulsnatcher done by the end of the month if at all possible.

In better news, I’m almost finished with the Shattered Skies bonus thing I’ve been working on, so if I can’t manage to update before October 14th then the bonus will go up as Chapter 29 and the main story will continue in Chapter 30.

Sometimes it seems like my life has two speeds: moving at a crawl, or Warp 9…


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