BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 35 – Another Year Older

Week 35 – Another Year Older

… but thankfully not any deeper in debt. Thanks for the birthday well-wishes, everyone, I really appreciate you all thinking of me. As I said last week, I ended up taking a week off of most of my creative projects, save for doing the pictures for the revised Shattered Skies cover. Overall, I think that decision was for the best, because I feel much refreshed now and ready to get back to work starting tomorrow.

It seems Bandai must have known it was my birthday this week, considering that three Precure Figuarts got announced within a week of each other. Two of those, Cure Scarlet and Cure Custard, are on my must-buy list. Scarlet is now accounted for (thanks, VDrake!), but Custard is still in a very early stage. The third is Cure Whip, who will be releasing at the end of next February, thereby having the closest-ever interval between the airing of her show and the release of her figure. I really hope this means the Happiness Charge Cures will finally be getting theirs this year, because now theirs along with A La Mode’s and Mahou Tsukai’s are the only official ones left. As long as I get my Cure Fortune, I’ll be happy.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me for another year. More content will be coming, slowly but surely.


  • Tasakeru Book III: Soulsnatcher, Chapter 5: 2 pages done
  • Tasakeru Patreon: 2 Patrons
  • Book II Appendix: 1 page done
  • Shattered Skies Chapter 29: In progress
  • Silent InvenTOYry Episode 05: ~50% done
  • Silent InvenTOYry Semi-Shorts Episode 02: Now in progress

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