BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 31 – Plus Ultra


Week 31 – Plus Ultra

Sorry for my rotten mood last week. Trumpcare seems to be dead again, for what it’s worth. I’m not any less pissed at McCain, who could have stopped this nightmare in its tracks when it came up in the first place, and who still votes with Voldemorange and the rest of his party of lunatics 95% of the time… but I can go on living, at least.

I wanted to push to get Episode 05 of Silent InvenTOYry done this weekend, but it’s hit yet another snag. The footage I shot for it last weekend was all unusable due to a really stupid mistake on my part… I forgot to change my camera’s brightness settings from automatic back to manual before filming. Result being, the outside footage was way too bright, and the inside footage was way too dark. I still managed to make some progress on it, but it’s most likely not going to be done until mid-August at this rate. I’ll be house/petsitting for a family in the neighborhood for a week starting Saturday, which means no access to my PC and no access to Vegas. I might try to rush through Episode 02 of Semi-Shorts as a placeholder, but it’s unlikely. At least I’ll have my laptop with me during my sitting job, so with little else to do (aside from work, of course) I should be able to write some more.

On the glowing recommendations of several friends of ours, VDrake and I started watching Boku No Hero Academia. I was afraid it would be another generic Shonen Jump series… I’ve been wary of them ever since Bleach drew me in with the bait-and-switch of its first fifteen episodes only to spend the rest of its run as an endless series of “my sword is bigger than yours” battles with an exponentially increasing cast of characters I could care less about. To my surprise and delight, BNHA seems to be trying to subvert, invert, or outright defy as many of the tired old shonen hero tropes as it can. In the seven episodes we’ve watched so far, every time I’ve seen something that looks like something I’ve seen a thousand times before in Dragonball/Naruto/etc., the plot’s taken a hard left swerve and managed to surprise me. There’s genuine feeling behind the protagonist, Izuku, and his impossible dream of becoming a hero… which also sounds like the same old “chosen one” crap, but that gets turned on its head by depicting the actual work that he puts into achieving that dream, rather than having powers, fame, and glory dropped in his lap. Like, there seems to be a deliberate effort here to take what works for other shonen series (hero from humble beginnings, rival that’s cooler than he is, mysterious mentor, huge cast of characters) and improve on those tropes while shattering others. To sum up, I’m really shocked at how much I’m loving this, and if it can keep up the pace as it has been, I might have a new favorite on my hands.


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