BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 25 – Shameless Self-Promotion


Week 25 – Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, not like I don’t shamelessly self-promote normally, but anyway. I finally got Episode 04 of Silent InvenTOYry done, which you can watch below.

Please remember to like, comment, subscribe, and share. As I mentioned before, CoPromote seems to be irreparably broken, so I’m going to need serious word-of-mouth to drive up my view count.

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough, there’s this short but incredibly stupid promo I just made for Episode 05. It’s going to be quite an occasion. Unfortunately, YouTube’s blasted auto-copyright flagging struck again, so the music I had in mind for this promo is… much less impressive than it should be. I’m sorry, but it was either this or silence.

Anyway. My goal for this week is to finally get Chapter 4 of Soulsnatcher up, so everything else is on hold until that’s done. I wanted to have it up today, but… bleh. Brain no work good.

(Originally posted on DA: http://tasakeru828.deviantart.com/journal/BHS-Blogress-Report-2017-Week-25-687502305)

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