BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 23 – The Things I Do for Laughs

Week 23 – The Things I Do for Laughs

No writing progress, but I’ve got some great news for all four fans of Silent InvenTOYry… To make up for the two-month hiatus, I’m going to be putting out at least two full episodes this month, and possibly three more as mini-episodes. I spent most of this weekend working on the new Episode 04, in fact. Because I finally got sick of waiting for the other item to ship out, I decided to go ahead and bump what was going to be Ep. 5 ahead one. This one will be slightly different than past episodes, but I think it’ll add some variety. That said, since the preparation for this episode was particularly expensive and CoPromote seems to have utterly borked itself, so I’ll need you guys to push this episode hard when it goes up this week. Watch it multiple times with your ad blockers off, like it, subscribe, share it with your friends and encourage them to do the same. I mean, in a show of dedication to my craft and/or horrendous financial irresponsibility, I spent $30 for one gag in one shot that lasts for maybe fifteen seconds of the video’s running time… as I said in this week’s title, the things I do for laughs…

Hoo boy, am I all in on Kamen Rider now. I’m not even finished with Gaim yet, and I’m watching W and seriously considering Ryuki too… My first of what will surely be many KR Figuarts is arriving tomorrow, so maybe it’s time to start investing in some more shelves… As I’ve been telling people, it’s a very deep hole I’ve found myself in, and if the franchise weren’t hitting so many of my personal fandom buttons I would be a lot more concerned for myself.

Sad news today… the original voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, Peter Sallis, died peacefully at 96 years old. Wallace and Gromit is much-beloved for very good reasons, and I count myself lucky that I was introduced to the series at such a young age. It’s right up there with Monty Python, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Good Omens as one of the pillars of British comedy in my book. I’m going to be watching the whole run of Wallace and Gromit as tribute later this week. Rest in peace, sir. Thanks for all the laughs.


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