BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 19 – I Don’t Know What to Write Here

I wish I could say I made some progress on Tasakeru this week. That was my intention, but for whatever reason it’s been near-impossible to concentrate on it for the past week or so. I dunno… maybe it’s due to the next Shattered Skies chapter occupying most of my mental energy. Chapter 26 will contain scenes I’ve had in the works for a very long time, scenes which I feel need to knock it out of the park if they’re going to deliver the proper emotional impact to my readers.

Maybe it’s because said scenes are so different from what I usually do that my batteries are drained for other things. Or maybe it’s lingering guilt or self-imposed pressure for not getting a chapter up during April. Or because Chapter 4 of Soulsnatcher is undergoing such a substantial revision from the first draft that it’s practically a new thing. *shrug*

Like I said, I dunno. Being a creative type can be really frustrating at times.

Not much went on in terms of my personal life. I watched a whole lot more of Kamen Rider Gaim, that’s about it. My Tumblr commentary for the new episodes of Steven Universe is going to be quasi-live this week, so that’s notable, I guess. Still no graphics card, and I still can’t do much more on Silent InvenTOYry until I actually have the item to review. I’ll just have to hope I get both this week, I suppose.

Oh, I just remembered that I did throw this together over the weekend, based on something that made me laugh in the newest Super Best Friendcast.

More activity next week, hopefully.



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