BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 14 – AAAAAAAAA

I tell you, this was a hell of a weekend.

So first of all, Silent InvenTOYry Episode 03 is up and posted.

As with the last one, I had to futz with the music in order to monetize it on YouTube, hence the silence over the clips from the anime… The uncut version is up on OpenLoad, but please watch the YouTube version first so I can get revenue from it.

So anyway, imagine the noise I made when not ten minutes after I posted this on Saturday morning, Hiroe Suga of freakin’ GAINAX saw it on Twitter and retweeted it to her followers! An actual employee of the studio that made Gurren Lagann, and the wife of one of its founders… she saw my video and liked it enough to share it!

As you might imagine, that pretty much made my year. It also made for a pretty decent burst of inspiration, so I’m now back on track with Shattered Skies Chapter 25. Still no progress on the Book II Appendix, dammit, but the next SI episode’s most likely not going to be for at least a month, so I’ll be shifting focus to my writing projects.

Speaking of which: I also made some significant changes to my Patreon this weekend. I’ve lowered the entry level (“Ashigaru”) reward tier to $2 per chapter, and lowered the Samurai and Daimyo Tiers to $30 and $60 per chapter. All rewards are still there, but they’re now a bit more accessible to potential supporters, I think.

So this year’s April Fools Day started strong and ended stellar with the completely out-of-the-blue return of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. After 18 months of near-total silence from the R&M creative team, aside from the occasional short or storyboard, they showcased their particular brand of demented genius with possibly the best April Fools “prank” ever. I put “prank” in quotation marks because I’m not even sure it is one, since the word implies fakery or deception of some kind… and this wasn’t that. No, this was just one of the most anticipated single episodes in the network’s history, in its entirety, being dropped on the channel and on streaming with no publicity, no scheduling, no nothing. Good thing the episode was great enough to justify the year-and-a-half-long wait, too, because if anything could take the sting out of preempting this week’s Samurai Jack, it’s this. Rick and Morty has been sorely missed, but if this premiere was anything to go by, the writers haven’t lost a step. I can’t wait for more.

Oh yeah, and a little thing called Attack on Titan also returned on Saturday. I’m not the biggest AoT fan, but the story is gripping enough that sheer curiosity is keeping me watching.

In celebration of Sakura’s birthday, MADHOUSE revealed a new Cardcaptor Sakura OVA, set to be bundled with the release of one of the volumes of The Clear Card Arc in September, and serving as a prelude to the new anime. There’s not much to say about it yet, but if the teaser footage is any indication of what the Clear Card anime is going to look like… holy crap is it going to be gorgeous.

And Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid finishes this week. If I can survive the knowledge that it’ll likely take a year before we see new episodes, I’ll probably do a write-up and review following the finale. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be a glowing recommendation.


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