BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 11 – Flagged

Shouldn’t have spoken so soon last week. I thought at the time that my work on Silent InvenTOYry was mostly done… and then on Tuesday night after I uploaded, I ran afoul of YouTube’s auto copyright flagging software. In case you weren’t aware: if a company’s copyright claim triggers a flag on your YouTube video, you can’t monetize it, which means no money for you, bucko. You can attempt to dispute the claim, and in fact VDrake said that reviews should be covered under Fair Use, but all evidence leads me to believe that one amateur YouTuber trying to take on DreamWorks, etc., would be a gigantic waste of time and effort. Another fun detail is that some footage and music apparently triggers claim flags immediately after your video is published. And for the trifecta: YouTube doesn’t allow you to simply replace your raw video file with a different or updated one. No, you have to delete your video altogether and resubmit it. Which also meant that to make the edits that would make Episode 02 monetizeable, I had to go back into Vegas, recut, retime, and rerender the entire fifteen minute video (which took upwards of an hour), go through the entire YouTube submission process again, then wait another hour for the video to process.

It’s worth mentioning that this happened four times before Episode 02 finally passed with no flags, so altogether that’s at least eight hours of time wasted… not counting the time it took to find public domain music that sounded similar enough to the Voltron soundtrack to replace the stuff I had to cut. If any of you were wondering why there was an upsurge in smartassed comments in the captions of this episode… well, that was why. By attempt number 5 I was supremely pissed-off and dead tired and it was 2:30 AM, factors which brought out the worst in me.

At least Attempt 5 finally, finally satisfied whatever algorithm immediately runs off and tattles to the poor corporate Goliaths who insist on going after Davids with the equivalent of the Death Star.

I’d be lying if I said I was totally happy with the final version, but this is the one that’s making me money, so I have to live with it. For what it’s worth, I was able to upload the unmolested version on another hosting site. Check it out if you’re curious to see what I originally had in mind, but please watch the YouTube version first if you haven’t already, so I can get revenue from it.

So that ordeal combined with another one on Friday with PayPal more or less wiped me out for the week. I ended up getting much less done than I’d planned, and spent a lot of time watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix. There was also the Sailor Moon anniversary project (pic and MIDI), and an NSFW, astonishingly stupid thing (DON’T WATCH THIS, MOM) I put together for fun on Saturday, in time for the return of Samurai Jack on Adult Swim.

My plans for this week are up in the air. I did make some progress on both Tasakeru and Skies, but I may just take a couple days to crash. I do not want to burn myself out again.


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