BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 3

Huge thanks to the amazing Chronorin for becoming my very first Patron, and hopefully the first of many! Thanks to him, I’m already 1/5th of the way there for my first fundraising goal. Once I hit $15 a month, I’ll be able to offer the Tasakeru Original Soundtrack (composed by yours truly, natch) for download on SoundCloud. Hopefully, by the time I’m there, I’ll have a full album’s worth of stuff ready for it.

This week’s activities, apart from Shattered Skies Ch. 23, have mostly been Pokemon, Pokemon, and more Pokemon. I hit the point in Pokemon Sun where the game truly opens up, and oh am I so back in. I had heard the story was one of the highlights of this one, and now I can confirm: it’s far and away the best plot that’s ever been in a Pokemon game. I mean, not like it’s got a lot of competition, but still… this is a damned good JRPG in addition to a damned good Pokemon title.

On that subject: in preparation for the Pokemon Box update that should hopefully be happening by the end of the month, I went back and transferred everything worth transferring from my Diamond Version, through White 2, and into Y. Doing so has made me appreciate just how many quality-of-life improvements have been made to the series since Gen IV. Honestly even going back to Y was kind of a chore, because Sun/Moon has streamlined so many little things that should have been streamlined several generations ago. There’s finally a one-button shortcut to access your Pokeballs, for one thing, and HM moves are straight-up GONE, replaced by the far more enjoyable Ride Pokemon feature. Now traveling long distances is as easy as opening a map and choosing a place to go; you don’t have to lug around somebody with Fly anymore, or waste a valuable move slot on Surf or Strength. All of these and more are Ride Pokemon functions now, they’re always there when you need them from the moment they unlock, and they have tons more personality that surfing or flying on a generic blob or shadow ever did.

And oh lordy, the characters. Now I see why the explosion of Team Skull artwork and memes happened. Instead of trying to one-up the previous gens’ obligatory villain teams yet again, they took the brilliant step of making Team Skull hilariously pathetic losers for the most part. I’m talking like Jessie, James, and Meowth from the old days of the anime, here. Somebody finally figured out that no matter what they did, these guys were going to end up looking like chumps anyway… so why not cut to the chase?

Then there’s Lillie. Lillie is a precious bae, and


her mom is a scary, scary lady, whose comparisons to Ragyo Kiryuin of Kill La Kill infamy are not unfounded in the least. There’s something I never thought I’d write about a Pokemon title, good lord.

I also started the Little Witch Academia TV anime, as I mentioned last week. I’m surprised that they’re going for an origin story rather than pick up where the movies left off… but hey, it’s still LWA, it’s still Trigger, it’s still funny and charming and gorgeous to look at, and Sucy is still the best. Would that all trolls were as awesome as she is.

The other new anime I’m trying out is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which I dismissed at first as yet another monster girl harem show trying to cash in on the subgenre while it’s still making money. Then I found out that my beloved Emiri Katou is in it. Then I found out that the role of bland love interest/straight man to the wacky dragon maid is a woman, an actual adult, single, working woman, IN AN ANIME(!!!), and my interest was piqued. Having seen the first episode, I can confirm that it has a lot of fun with its bonkers premise, it has glorious amounts of deadpan snark from Kobayashi, and it’s just as delightfully strange as I hoped it would be. Maybe it’s not as balls-to-the-wall insane as Nyarko-san was, but I think it’ll do just fine as a replacement, since that one’s probably not coming back without the dearly departed Miyu Matsuki, RIP.

And that’s about it for now. Here’s hoping we all survive the next week, everyone.


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