Do you remember SOPA? The bill that would give government the right to spy on internet activity without warrant, and let them censor “unwanted” sites by blocking people’s access to them?

Meet its twin. But this time it’s all the more frightening; the House has passed it despite Obama’s threats to veto. And by an alarmingly large margin, at that. CISPA threatens the US constitution’s guarantees of due privacy and free speech, permitting any government agency to access and transfer of vast amounts of data- from internet records to even the content of personal e-mails, and all without obtaining a warrant.

What’s even more disgusting than this bill actually making through the House is some of the arguments used to help it’s passage, and comments made by one of the bill’s biggest supporters admitting the bill helps big business while insulting opposers (whose is also speculated to have personal reasons for wanting CISPA made into law).

This threatens every element of your online presence. From personal emails to general activity, any government agency will have the ability to go fishing without consequence.

Please, PLEASE, sign the following petitions. You don’t even have to be a US citizen to sign most of them or act against CISPA, and please keep in mind that if this shit flies in America, who knows what country might use its example to do it, too.

PetitionAvaaz: Save the Internet from the US
(you don’t have to be a US citizen to sign this)

PetitionSites Not Spies
(you don’t have to be a US citizen to sign this)

PetitionCISPA is Back: Write Congress

PetitionTell Mike Rogers more that 14-year-olds oppose CISPA
(you don’t have to be a US citizen to sign this)

Twitter: Tweet @RepMikeRogers with your age
Twitter: Tweet @BarackObama and tell him to veto CISPA
Twitter: Tweet reps like @RepDelBene, @GovHankJohnson, @KeithEllison and @GovGaryJohnson and thanks them for acting against CISPA. Look for other reps that have spoken against it, and thank them.

Call your reps: and tell them you strongly oppose the bill. You can look up your reps using the form on the lower portion of this page.

ResourceFight for the Future

Reblog: This and other posts like it to raise awareness of this threat to internet freedom and privacy.

I will be posting more petitions and resources as I become aware of them.

We did this last time and nothing happened…

I know your intention is good, but fuck petitions. If you’re reading this and you’re a US citizen, talk to your representative. Email them, call them, make sure they know YOU WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM if they allow this to happen.

Our petitions have little political influence. These politicians don’t care about your opinions unless you’ve got their money on a leash. These petitions say nothing other than, “We disagree, but we’re not going to do anything that actually effects you, so don’t worry about it”.

Please, please contact your representative! You can sign these petitions if you want, but if you don’t contact your rep too, you may as well just hand them your security personally.


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