What’s the difference between drone strikes and manned air strikes? Are they inherently more destructive, or are they being used more broadly?

drone strikes are like… how to explain.  I’ll let someone else do it.  the idea behind drones is that they’re more precise and can save us money so we don’t have to train more pilots, but the reality of them is that you’re taking the concept of an RC car and using it to murder people, which would have been a good movie from the ’80s but is kind of completely terrible in real life.

The myth of drone strikes being precise is just that: a myth. This administration can claim that because they redefined militants as any male over 16-years old who gets killed in the blast.

Get it? If you are skipping along picking up food for your family and you happen to get killed by a blast nearby, according to Obama, you are automatically a militant.

The targets of drones have included weddings, funerals, and rescue parties.

Think about that for a second.

As for the difference, there is not. War is war, and Obama is getting away with not just one illegal war (like Bush), but four: Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia.

Obama supporters grasping at straws to defend their man’s war crimes, smfh

Democrats before 2008
Democrats after 2008
>meh, still better than the other guy

Let it sink in that Obama has been more of a warmongerer in four years than Bush had been in 8 years.

Leeeeet it gently sink in.

That the “lesser evil” in 2012 is worse than Bush was by the end of 2008.

“Warmonger”? Maybe. But when it comes down to “warmonger” versus “racist sexist homophobic pathologically-lying criminal billionaire sociopath”, well, I’ll go for the warmonger.


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