dear followers:
If you want to do this PLEASE be very careful!
Sleep paralysis is not fun, nor is it easy to get out of. It’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. 
I was afraid to go to sleep for a month after just the one time I had it, and my hallucinations weren’t nearly as bad as the normal.
This “weight on your chest” and “weird noises” are more often than not perceived as demons, the dead, or other possessed things. 

My own experience, I woke up (sorta) to find a ghost staring at me from the top corner of my room, and my dead dog pinning me down to my bed. Note: I never got to play in this lucid dreaming fairyland, just bleeding dogs and piercing empty eyes for hours. 

Yeah guys this shit is pretty scary, its not all flying and fun stuff like you might expect. The worst thing that ever happened was when i basically half woke up and felt like something was tearing at my skin and my arms started just burning and i tried to get up but i couldn’t move and then it felt like something was squeezing me and it hurt to breath and I kept hearing whispering for like 3 hours and i was way to terrified to even open my eyes. like once i was actually awake i got up and ran to the den (where my computer was) and turned on all the lights and refused to even attempt to sleep for almost 2 days.

So if you are gonna try this stuff be careful and just know that this stuff is far more likely to happen and this is literally nothing you can do but wait for it to be over.

Yeah, sleep paralysis is really the worst. I mean, I’m lucky enough to not really get the really horrible hallucinations (weight on my body and perceived difficulty breathing mostly), but even just lying there and not being able to move to matter how much you try is beyond awful.

I’ve been attempting to induce lucid dreaming for months now, and none of the techniques I’ve tried have worked. This looks promising, though… I might experiment with it.


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