dont care that this is colour I need to make the point on my blog

I *almost* wish these men would be raped, just to understand. But I’m not a monster, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I hope they get raped, then fisted, especially akin 


I’m going to throw up

I hope their mothers, sisters, wives are so ashamed of them. 

That’s not right..Just. No…

A reminder that these are people need a serious reality check.

I really hope that one day they’ll wake up as young women and see how it really is.

As a supporter of women’s rights, an older brother, and a boyfriend I will be doing my sisters, girlfriend and every woman I have known in my life a favor by not electing Romney this fall. People who don’t take one of the most pointless sad and disgustingly frequent crimes in this country seriously do not deserve to be at the head of it. Just my 2 cents.

it’s even written in comic sans 

If we’re talking about rape causing babies, yes it can. But it should be noted that the three most frequently cited “hard cases” in which some argue abortion might be justified are rape, incest and protecting the life of the mother. However, women rarely report that they are seeking an abortion for any of these reasons:

Rape: 0.3%

Incest: 0.03%

Protection of mother’s life: 0.2%

In other words, out of 1,000 women procuring abortion, only three cite rape as the primary reason, and only two cite protecting her life as the reason for the abortion.  Out of 10,000 women procuring abortion, only three cite incest as a reason.

Source: Johnston, Wm. Robert. Reasons Given For Having Abortions In The United States.

^ Sure that’s true, but it’s no excuse for these men’s words, these things said are extremely insensitive.  


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